Mouth Spread Salts


There are those dry cakes that we can't get enough of from bakeries ... Here is the vinegar in their biggest secret.

The vinegar we often use in our kitchen is in cookie dough this time. You will love this mince dough, which will suit your tea hours very much. Another reason to love him is the exquisite exterior, fried with black cumin and egg yolk.

All you have to do is to organize your loved ones for this tea time and prepare them from these delicious cookies. The rest is up to the binding magic of the brewed tea.

Bon appetit.

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-2 eggs (on yolk)
-1 packet of margarine
-2 tea glasses of oil
-2 teaspoons of sugar
-2 teaspoons of salt
-2 teaspoons of vinegar
-As much flour as you get

For the above:

-Black seed
-Egg yolk

40 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

We add all our ingredients in the softened margarine one by one and knead a soft dough like an earlobe.
We take pieces that do not stick to the hand, roll them back and forth, make large wicks, and cut them slightly with a knife.
We spread the eggs with sesame seeds and cook them in a controlled manner.
It dissolves in the mouth.
When it stops for a day, its taste is settled. Bon appetit already.

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