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When a meal is cooked in a pot, rice pilaf is the only answer to the question "What should we do with it?" It is our dishes that are acceptable to be poured one by one, and the good-doers are considered very skillful. The fact that it has little material and the practicality of its stages is enough to conquer the hearts. But good rice has a few tricks. Not hesitating to use oil, roasting the rice well, using sugar and lemon juice for its color are some of them ... You will be amazed by the taste and consistency of a meal, pouring deliciously delicious grain: Rice recipe with vermicelli!

Noodle is one of the most popular complements of rice pilaf. Among the noodle varieties that give both color and flavor to pilaf, this time we choose our choice of noodle, and we prepare delicious rice for the evening. This recipe of vermicelli pilaf will be one of your favorite companions, and you will always want to try this recipe that impresses with its consistency.

Let its fragrance spread throughout the house, bon appetit already.

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-2 spoonful butter
-3 tablespoons of oil
-2 cups of rice
-Half a cup of barley noodle
-3 cups of hot water (chicken broth)

50 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Rice is washed with plenty of water and kept in warm salted water for half an hour. At the end of this period, the brine is drained and the rice is passed through the water and all the water is drained.
Butter is melted in a pilau pot, oil is added and barley noodles are added on it.
It is roasted until the noodle color turns.
Add rice and cook for 2-3 minutes.
Hot water is added and salt is added.
Cover the pot and remove excess water over high heat and put on low heat until the rice is an eye, that is, when the water is drawn on the rice and the rice appears. And cook until completely absorbed. (You can find detailed explanation about the duration in the rest of the article.)
After removing from the stove, put the towel paper on it and close the lid again and wait for it to brew.
After mixing the rice well, you can serve it. Bon Appetit.
When setting rice, I set the water ratio to 1.5 to 1. In other words, add 1.5 cups of water with the same measuring cup for 1 cup of rice. 1 cup of rice is enough for 3-4 people.

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