Palace Halva Making Recipe


Those looking for a different flavor that disperses in the mouth, this halva is just for you. Saray halva is a very elegant dessert recipe that offers great tastes with fewer ingredients.

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-2.5 cups flour
-Half a pack of margarine or butter (125 g)
-4 tablespoons of powdered sugar

35 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

We put the flour in a saucepan and fry it over low heat for at least 15 minutes until it smells.
When it starts to turn pink, we take it.
We add margarine or butter, whichever you prefer, without changing the color much.
Then we add the powdered sugar and mix it with the help of a wooden spoon. It will be like wet sea sand. Don't let this scare you.
When we pour it into my debt, it takes shape easily.
Then we take this mixture on my debt and spread it on my debt with the help of an iron spoon.
When the mixture is squeezed well, we cut it into a diamond slice with the help of a knife or as we want to cut it.
When it reaches room temperature, we rest it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.
We serve it after resting. Enjoy your meal.

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