Pasta Recipe with Mushroom Sauce


Penne pasta, with its cream, mushroom, and basil flavor, is rich in calories but also delicious. It is also one of the most popular recipes among pasta recipes, whose taste is hidden in its sauce. Let's roll up your sleeves for a penne pasta recipe with creamy mushroom sauce, which will be the answer to your question of how to make penne pasta. A delicious pasta recipe arrives in the evening.

If you wish, you can make a meaty recipe. At the same time, you can serve as an invitation dish. We call your hands health already. A huge plate of pasta awaits you with its smoke, don't leave it alone.

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-Half a pack of bowls of pasta (or whichever is desired)
-500 ml Cream
-500 grams of Mushrooms
-1pcs chicken breast
-1 onion
-3 cloves of garlic
-1 large red paprika pepper
-3 pointed peppers
-1 teaspoon
-Salt, pepper and flakes
-1 tablespoon curry

45 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

First of all, 1 liter of hot water is taken into the pot, salt and a tablespoon of oil are added, the pasta is boiled in boiling water and cooked thoroughly, the cooked pasta is filtered and waited.
On the other hand, butter and a little oil are added to a deep pan.
Then finely chopped chicken breast is added and roasted a little, and then the diced onion is added and then roasted well and then the other ingredients are added one by one.
Spices and salt are added and roasted, after adding water, cream is added and cooked for 5 minutes.
Cooked sauce darkens slightly and the pasta is covered and pasta is added.
Stir well and cover it for 20 minutes. If it rests, it tastes even more delicious.
Then you can serve as desired and present to your guests.
Enjoy your meal 😘
To those who will already try.

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