Pastry Cream Recipe


Pastry cream is indispensable for eclairs, profiteroles, and German cake. The question '' How should the pastry cream be and how is it made? '' Is one of the most curious subjects. It is a heartache for those of us who cannot get enough of dessert with its indispensable, smooth texture, and dizzying taste. Regardless of what is written on it, this cream strengthens its taste, which becomes more beautiful as you wait, with its three-day life, as if it reminds that the dessert made must be finished immediately. I guess I do not need to say that the dessert prepared with cake cream with such care has a life span of one day. With a little patience and technical knowledge, you will become the pastry chef of the kitchen and conquer the hearts. Now everyone will ask you how to make cake cream and you will enjoy making the delicious cake and cake cream!

Now digest the recipe with all its tricks and if you whisk it to the right kitchen, after cooking, before using it, you will be one step closer to that perfect texture. Here are all the tips: Pastry cream recipe. Health to your hands already.

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-1-liter milk
-200 grams of margarine
-250 grams of flour (2.5 cups)
-300 grams of granulated sugar (1.5 cups)
-1 vanilla stick or 1 vanilla powder
-3 whole eggs
-300 grams of raw cream

For the chocolate version:

-1 tablespoon of powdered cocoa
-100 grams of chocolate drops

25 Minutes

2 Bowl

How to make

In this recipe, I will share with you the original pastry cream used in cakes, puff pastry, and eclairs sold in pastry shops.

Melt 200 grams of margarine on the stove, add the flour and fry well.
At the same time, put the milk, sugar, vanilla powder, or vanilla powder and 3 whole eggs in another bowl and bring it to the boil by stirring it with a whisk.
When the milk is well heated, pour it into the roasted flour with a wire strainer.
Mix it well and make it thick cream.
Put it in a deep bowl and cover it with plastic wrap, make a few holes on it to let off steam.
When the cream cools well, add the very cold raw cream and whisk it with the fastest setting of your mixer.

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