Some flavors have taken place in our palate since our childhood, they are in our culture, they are in our common consciousness. That is why anyone born and raised in these lands almost knows the smell of baking soda. It was baked in oil lamps, made during the holidays, distributed after someone passed away from this world, prepared to give the good news of a newborn baby.

In short, it definitely had an excuse and those doughs were fried perfectly in plenty of oil. Of course, the biggest excuse for this wonderful beauty, where you can find a million reasons to cook and eat, is a wonderful breakfast table. You can either eat puff puffs with a well-brewed tea, open it and fill it with cheese, or dip it in fragrant jams. Meeting such a great taste in just 20 minutes is one of the beautiful surprises life has given us. Let it be life, blood, bon appetit to all of us.

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-4.5 glasses of flour
-2 teaspoons of salt
-1 pack instant yeast
-2 teaspoons of sugar
-1 glass of warm milk
-1.5 cups of warm water

To fry;

-Liquid oil

40 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Let's take flour into our kneading bowl, add salt, and mix it.
Let's open the middle of our flour in the shape of a pool and start kneading from the middle part by adding instant yeast, sugar, warm milk, and water. Let's slowly add the flour on the sides to our dough.
If you find it difficult to collect your dough, you can get it together by wetting your hands. If you add flour as the dough is runny, you get a solid dough. Even if your dough is hard, your cook will not be soft.
After kneading our dough, let's stretch it to prevent it from overflowing when the yeast comes on and let it ferment for 60 minutes by covering it with a clean cloth.
Let's take our yeasty dough on the counter where we sprinkle flour and knead a little more and let it air.
Then, let's create meringues by cutting our dough. Let's keep our embellishments small to get smaller and fluffy bagels. With these measurements, I obtained a total of 28 meringues.
Let's create little meringues from the dough we cut and place them on the baking tray, on which we spread baking paper, at intervals.
Then let's press them with our hands and make them flat.
Then, let's make holes in the middle of our meringues with the rolling pin whose tip we dipped in flour. Thanks to these holes, the inside of our dough will be cooked better.
Let's take the baked goods that we have shaped into the oil we heat and cook them by turning them until they are browned. Here, you should be careful that your stove is not too bright. By the way, I would like to mention that since my pan was large, the sides were cooking less frequently, so I made it to cook on the uncooked sides by turning it frequently. But if you use a smaller pan than your stove, it will cook evenly on all sides.
After cooking all our doughs, let's serve our baked goods as we wish. Enjoy your meal.

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