Potato and Carrot Pea Recipe


The magnificent appearance of 3 colors, the most beneficial, the most delicious is, of course, the potato and carrot pea dish. The peas dish, which is very rare for those who do not like it, is a meal enjoyed by everyone from 7 to 70. Sometimes it is made for guests, sometimes it is made for your children. Wherever it is placed, it suits there. If you have not yet cooked this practical and delicious dish, you may have lost a lot. And you have to get started so as not to lose any more. Don't forget to try this delicious potato and carrot pea dish and add it to your recipe notebook. Bon appetit to those who will try.

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-2 large potatoes
-1 large carrot
-1 kilo of picked peas
-2 small onions
-1 tablespoon tomato paste
-2.5 teaspoons of salt
-2 teaspoons of paprika
-2.5 cups of hot water
-Little oil

1 Hour

5 Servings

How to make

Chop the onions for cooking and fry in a little oil (3-4 spoons).
Chop the potatoes and carrots into small cubes.
When the onion is roasted, add the tomato paste and mix for a few minutes.
Add the potatoes, carrots, and peas.
Add salt and chili pepper and mix for a few more minutes.
Add the hot water and cook for 40 minutes over low heat.
Enjoy your meal:)

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