Potato Cheese Cake


Potato, one of the most beautiful gifts offered to us by nature, came before us in a completely different way this time. Potatoes, which are in the eating habits of almost everyone from the elderly to the young, from athletes to dieters, have all kinds of cooking methods. But you wouldn't want to miss this legendary meeting with cheese, one of the tastes that best suit potatoes. Get ready to turn the dessert you call cake molds upside down, potato cheesecake is ambitious enough to be your indispensable.

Is it the perfect harmony of cheese, potatoes, and dill in it, that wet cake texture that is our favorite, or the fragrance rising from the oven. We did not know where to start. You combine simple ingredients in a game-changer, pour them into a cake mold and cook and eat slices. You can either eat it for breakfast, have a pleasant snack, or show off your guests on your acceptance day. It is up to you, from us to cook the recipe from you, bon appetit.

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-3 eggs
-1 cup crumbled feta cheese
-1 glass of water Milk
-1 tea glass of yogurt
-1 teacup of oil
-1 teaspoon salt
-2 medium potatoes (grated and raw)
-Chili pepper
-1 packet of baking powder

45 Minutes

5 Servings

How to make

Let's beat the eggs and salt in our dough bowl.
Let's peel and grate raw potatoes.
Add milk, yogurt, oil, cheese, pulp, and mix it.
Add the baking powder and flour and continue whisking.
Let's pour the cake dough into our medium-sized oiled tray and bake it until it is browned at 180 degrees.
Enjoy your meal

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