Practical Water Pastry in a Pan


If you are definitely looking for a pastry at breakfast, if your eyes are looking for a pastry, if tea is a joy that never goes dry, we have a suggestion that smells like sweet for you. We are preparing a fake water pastry with the exact consistency that water pastry lovers cannot distinguish from the real. It will cheer up the palate with its magnificent sauce. It will make you very happy while eating with its light wetness. Moreover, there is no egg in the sauce! Introducing: The recipe for fake water pastry in the pan!

It is possible to get a layer by layer with just 3 doughs. The secret is to spread the first dough into the pan, then cut the others into pieces, sauce them and transfer them to the pan. We added cheese to it, but you can make it with any other ingredient you want. Come on then! Let's take it to our burrito recipe that will be ready for tea and breakfast right now, saying health to your hands.

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-3 doughs
-125 g margarine or butter
-Enough cheese
-Little oil
-1 egg

50 Minutes

7 Servings

How to make

Grate the cheese and mix it with the parsley cut into small pieces, prepare your filling.
Then, when the margarine is melted and warmed, we add the egg and mix it well.
Spread 1 dough on the bench and apply it all over with a brush.
Then we cut it in half and sprinkle the cheese.
We roll it from the end to the cut side.
We fill the Teflon pan starting from the middle and fill the other doughs by doing the same.
When finished, we press it lightly.
We add enough cold water to overcome it and wait for 5 minutes.
Then we pour the excess water from the pan holding it with our hands.
We pour liquid oil on it and the sides and cook it on medium heat, lightly fried on low heat.
We turn it over with the help of a tray or pan. We fry the other side. Enjoy your meal.

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