Purple Sauerkraut Recipe Ready in 2 Days


When the autumn months come, purple cabbage flourishes and grows first on the benches and then on our tables. Unlike Brussels sprouts, white cabbage is much less common in dishes. It is always consumed with pleasure in salads, and it is not known what else it is made of.

Let's briefly talk about the beauty of purple cabbage; A medium purple cabbage has a very low 60 calories. In other words, those whose diet can consume it with pleasure and peace of mind. Moreover, it has the feature of holding full. It is also very rich in fiber and vitamin C. So why should we only consume purple cabbage in salads when it has so much splendor in the middle? Moreover, we cannot even find it in the summer months. So let's wrap it in glass jars and make a delicious pickle.

There is a delicious invitation to taste in color. Wouldn't you like to participate too?

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-1 medium purple cabbage
-Half a teaspoon of lemon salt
-Half a lemon
-2 dessert spoons of salt (you can add more or less if desired

To pour over;

-1 cup of home-squeezed lemon
-1 tea glass of water
-3 tablespoons of grape vinegar

2 Days

1 Jar

How to make

Let's finely chop our purple cabbage, melt the lemon salt with a little water and add it.
Let's squeeze the salt and half a lemon and round it for 5 minutes. Let's press it into a 1-liter jar.
Let's add 1 tea glass of lemon juice, 1 tea glass of water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, and put it in the fridge.
Ready to eat after 2 days. Add it to salads or eat it like that, bon appetit :)

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