Recipe for Making Vegetable Soup


With our highly nutritious and healthy recipe for your babies, your baby will smile at you. As long as he is happy, you will be happy too. Bon appetit already.

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-1 potato
-1 carrot
-1 handful of peas (from the summer)
-2-3 leaves of spinach
-1-2 flowers of broccoli
-1 small onion
-1 clove of garlic
-1 tablespoon flour
-Butter or half tablespoon butter
-Less tomato paste
-1 cup chicken broth + water

20 Minutes

2 Servings

How to make

We straighten vegetables big
We add enough water (it will be more delicious if you use chicken or broth) and put it on the stove and leave it to cook.
You can add spinach and broccoli after other vegetables are cooked a little.
We roast the flour in a separate bowl, we plant a little tomato paste.
After the vegetables are cooked, we pass through the blender and add the flour, tomato paste to the soup.
We mix and boil a little more, then our soup is ready to serve.
You can reduce the dominant taste of vegetables that you do not like.

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