Rolling Fat Pickles (Great) Recipe


One of the first options that come to mind when it comes to pickles and is liked by almost everyone, it is not as difficult to prepare long-lasting cucumber pickles. Well-chosen gherkins, rock salt, drinking water, and grape vinegar are indispensable for quality pickles. The rest is the flavor of the job.

If all the ingredients have arrived, now it's time to fill it in jars. When we fill it in jars and add a little patience, delicious pickles of cucumbers are on the way, they are coming. You are expected from the recipe of these delicious cucumber pickles that you can consume in summer and winter! We call your hands health already.

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For 1 Liter Bottle;

-1 teacup of oil
-1 tea glass of vinegar
-1 tea glass of water
-1 full tablespoon of coarse salt
-1 teaspoon of sugar

10 Days

1 Jar

How to make

Gloves are worn. Wash the peppers, remove the garlic. The stems of the peppers are cut a little.
Put garlic in between, peppers are lined up tightly.
2-3 fingers are left on the bottle. This time I tried the hair peppers in a glass bottle, but because they had to be rolled, I had to do it in a tray, so I recommend you to do it in a pet bottle. Once you have a pickle, you can cut it into a bottle and transfer it to a glass hive.
After all, is finished, salt, sugar, oil, water, and vinegar are added.
Close its mouth and rinse thoroughly.
Its water fills up to half, so don't be fooled, it will be rounded so it should be.
Open the lid, put 2-3 sprigs of parsley and press.
If there is, you can throw 2-3 pieces of black pepper, it is very tasty.
And I recommend making your pickled peppers with apple cider vinegar, it turns yellow
It is placed under the feet with its mouth tightly closed and it rolls continuously as it comes and goes. You can even turn the bottle upside down and shake it with your hand from time to time.
Our delicious pickle, which is equally well-formed, is ready in 10 days.

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