Semolina Balls Recipe


Less ingredients and plenty of flavor combined in this delicious dessert. If you are looking for a light dessert, filled semolina balls that you can easily make with a few ingredients at home are for you.

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-3 glasses of milk
-7 tablespoons of semolina
-6 tablespoons of granulated sugar
-1 sachet of powdered whipped cream

To find;

-2 soup spoons of cocoa
-If you wish, green pistachio

40 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

First of all in a deep pot; We put milk, sugar, semolina, and mix until it boils.
After it boils, we let it cool.
We add the powdered whipped cream into our cooling cream and mix it.
In order to find it, we put cocoa in the coconut, mix it with a spoon and find the semolina balls rolled in the size of walnuts into the mixture we made. You can also find coconut plain if you wish.
Bon appetit to those who will try, love.

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