Summer Dessert (For Sudden Guest) Recipe


There is no one who doesn't like lemon cake. While we were looking for something cooler and softer instead of cake in the summer months, we combined the lemon cake and lemon pudding and decorated it with summer fruits we love. What more can you get! Let's take you to the kitchen for the summer dessert recipe with lemon cream. Health to your hands already.

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For the cream;

-4 glasses of milk
-5 tablespoons of flour
-1 glass of sugar
-2 packs of vanilla
-1 pack of whipped cream powder

For the above;

-1 pack of instant chocolate sauce

For the inside;

-2 packs of meat biscuits or any cream biscuit
-1 large banana

25 Minutes

6 Servings

How to make

Except for whipped cream, the cream ingredients are mixed and cooked.
When the cream cools, add the powdered whipped cream and foam it with a mixer.
It is added by slicing bananas into the biscuits and added by hand, if you want, you can put walnuts at this stage.
Then they are mixed thoroughly, stretch film is laid in a container and the whole mixture is poured.
It is stretched and bagged on it and rested in the freezer for at least 5 hours (one night is ideal)
Chocolate sauce is cooked according to the recipe and kept in the fridge. When our dessert is frozen, it is kept at room temperature 10 minutes before eating, covered with chocolate sauce and sliced bon appetit honey sugar.

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