Turkish Pancake


The most sincere name of breakfasts and tea times, we make pancake at home this time, are we ready?

For some, it reminds us of a generous village breakfast prepared with all-natural ingredients. For some of us, the pancake is a warm recipe prepared by our mother from the ready-made dough with tea. Some of us like the Aegean style with a lot of olive oil, for some of us, it fills with minced meat, cheddar, whatever will add flavor. Especially the homemade and practical ones cannot be beaten. Introducing yummy: Pancake recipe!

You can prepare the pancake, which can be eaten at every meal, as a hand roll of yeast dough instead of ready-made phyllo, and cook it with the filling you want. Our pancakes are with cheese this morning, what about yours?

Then salute everyone who has eaten or made pancakes in their life.

Enjoy your meal.

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*a desired amount of dough (4 of the dough is obtained)

to cook;

-liquid oil


-feta cheese
-cheddar cheese

*For the spinach

inner mortar:

-1 onion
-little boiled spinach
-liquid oil
-black pepper
-red pepper flakes
-1 teaspoon tomato paste

*For pastrami mortar:

-tomato sauce
-cheddar cheese

35 Minutes

4 Servings

How to make

By dividing the dough into 4, each piece is laid on the counter one by one.
Small pieces are cut from the edges of the dough and covered in the middle.
It is placed on the desired mortar and wrapped in the form of dough. (I recommend you to use 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce, if any, before putting the bacon in it)
The ends are slightly moistened to prevent opening.
The non-stick pan is lightly greased and heated.
Pancakes are turned in duplex and fried. Bon Appetit.

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