Weight-Loss Cacao Chia Pudding


One of the most preferred products of healthy diets recently is chia seeds. How could it not be? These tiny seeds taste great, their merits are amazing. Moreover, they are very healthy. It is also possible to combine all these beauties of chia seeds with dessert. You can add chia seeds instead of rice pudding, one of our traditional flavors, by reducing the amount of rice in it. In this way, you will have made a light dessert without using starch and sugar.

Our sugar-free dessert owes all its sweetness to milk and vanilla. Naturally, they also create a detox effect. It is assertive enough to steal your heart with its healthiness, light taste, and practicality. Wouldn't you have commanded the combination of our traditional taste, rice pudding, and chia seeds, the favorite product of healthy nutrition all over the world?

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-1 glass of light milk
-1 full teaspoon of honey
-1 tablespoon of cocoa
-2 full tablespoons of chia seeds

20 Minutes

3 Servings

How to make

No need to eat hay and straw in the diet 😀😀 🌾🌾
It is up to you to make fun, enjoyable, fully motivated and long-lasting, instead of making your diet forced by making low calorie vs delicious meals and desserts 🏃✌
Get ready to eat during the day before I will give you a delicious pudding recipe for your low-calorie sweet cravings.
It is satisfying, does not make weight, it is delicious, it is very useful, and most importantly, what more can you ask for?

1 glass of light milk, honey, cocoa, and chia seeds are put in a small jar and whipped. That's it. I was going to make it with fruit from the beginning, then when I saw Buse Terim's chia pudding with cocoa, I added the cocoa later. Chia becomes like pudding as it gels as it stays. When I saw the first chia, I was saying that I wouldn't eat it, so how could I know such a beautiful and effective effect. Especially in summer it is so delicious with fresh fruits that I will give them too ⭐✔
15 minutes after making the chia for the first time, mix it in a default half an hour later, mix it again so that the cocoa chia is evenly mixed 👌
⭐ In this state, the calorie is approximate;
195 kcal ✔
After it's done, you can taste it and add some more honey ✔
Then you can decorate and serve with a few pieces of something you want (bitter chocolate, strawberry, walnut, etc.) in your snack time or dessert crisis 🍨🍨

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