10 Tastes From Japanese Cuisine That May Not Be As Famous As Sushi

Miso Soup

Miso soup comes as a side dish for morning, lunch, and dinner. It is prepared by mixing a crushed soybean paste called miso with hot water. If desired, sweeteners such as nori and green onions can be added.


Soba is a traditional Japanese dish made from buckwheat and wheat flour. Thin like pasta, eaten hot or cold with various additions.


Umeboshi (pickled Japanese plum), shrimp, chicken, tuna, salmon, etc. It is a very popular food found.


It is a dish with foods such as tempura (tendon), veal (gyudon), eggs and chicken (oyakodon), tonkatsu (katsudon) and served with a large bowl.

Egg Rice (Gohan)

Egg rice is eaten as a side dish at lunch and dinner in Japan, and as the main course at breakfast, mixed with raw eggs and soy sauce (tamago-kake-gohan), natto, or other sauces. Japanese pilaf is made simply boiled without any oil, salt, or other sweeteners and is usually served next to or at the end of the meal.


Sashimi Sashimi, one of the main dishes of Japanese cuisine, can be briefly described as raw fish. Fish meat is cut into thin slices and served with soy sauce and finely grated wasabi. The most important point is that the fish must be very fresh.

Square Raisu

It is a dish made with curry sauce that includes chicken, carrots, and potatoes and can be eaten with tonkatsu, etc. if desired. Curry originates from India but has been used in Japanese cuisine for over a hundred years.


It is the name of noodles in Japanese Cuisine originating in China and served in soup. Usually soup, meat is done with water and sliced meat, dried seaweed, kamaboko, green onions, and even corn served with toppings. Almost every locality or island in Japan has its own variety of ramen.


Vegetable meat dishes cooked on the table in Japanese cuisine. It is also very popular in the West and is on the menu of many Japanese restaurants. Sukiyaki is made in a flat iron pot, on a portable stove like a barbecue. Cut into thin slices of beef, tofu ( cheesy solid food made from soy ), shiitake mushrooms, onion, shirataki (a food similar to noodles), and vegetables are briefly cooked in a sauce made of gravy, soy sauce, and sugar. It is then dipped in a beaten raw egg and eaten.


Gyoza is very similar to our logic. It is made by frying the dough on the grill, which contains lots of garlic, various vegetables, and a mixture of meat. Gyoza is also a dish that came to Japan from China.