9 healthy eating tips for the summer months!

Updated: Jan 5

Tip 1: Water

If you frequently experience problems such as headache, weakness and fatigue during the summer months, it may be because you leave your body dehydrated! Our body loses more water with increasing temperatures. Sufficient water should be drunk every day to replace the water lost by the body. Also, if you exercise, you should increase the amount of water you drink a little more.

You can also consume mineral water or ayran in addition to water to meet your water needs.You can replace the minerals you lost with sweat. On the other hand, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, fruit juice, sugary and carbonated beverages should be avoided.

Tip 2: Icecreams and fruits

Ice cream and fruity milk desserts can be your savior against dough and fried desserts. Of course, portion control is important when eating ice cream and fruit. Still, milk desserts like ice cream are more innocent and less calorie than sherbet and fried dumplings.

1 Serving sizes of popular summer fruits:

Watermelon = 1 finger thick, 1 triangle slice

Melon = 1 finger thick, 1 triangular slice

Cherry = 12 pieces

Strawberry = 6 pieces

Pineapple = 1 ring of 1 finger thick

Grape = 12-15 pieces

Fig = 1 piece

Apricot = 3-4 pieces

In summer, snacks made with fruit, milk, yogurt and oilseeds will help you to prepare both unhealthy snacks and sudden changes in your blood sugar.

Tip 3: Essentials of Holidays: Open Buffet

One of the most important issues for those who are on a diet during the summer months or trying to maintain their weight is the choice of food at the open buffet. If the meal is to be eaten from the open buffet, you can create a more balanced plate by first taking a salad and vegetable meal on your plate, then cooking meat, chicken and fish with healthy methods such as steaming in the oven. If you say it is not without dessert, you can choose milk desserts.

With the warming of the weather, fries, high-calorie snacks, side dishes and salads can be preferred more instead of hot meals. In addition to these foods, especially sauces made with mayonnaise and oil increase the calories even more.

You can find a fit solution for yourself by baking or steaming your vegetables instead of frying, using spices instead of mayonnaise in your salads, and preparing healthier sauces.

Tip 4:Food safety in hot weather

Incidents of food poisoning increase as the air temperature increases. If you are eating outside, be careful to eat in places you trust, and if you are preparing yourself at home, do not keep your food at room temperature for too long.

Tip 5:Watermelon-Cheese duo

Although the much-loved watermelon-cheese duo is a healthy choice, it is still useful to consume it in a controlled manner. Since watermelon has a high water content, it can help meet our water and mineral needs.

Like watermelon, grapes, melons and peaches are among the fruits with high water rate. How about adding summer fruits to your daily diet instead of unhealthy snacks? :)

Tip 6 : Attention!

Picnics and insults are some of the points to be had when writing is the most popular activity. Carcinogenic use in meats that are left to cook close to fire. Especially the charred parts of the meat should not be consumed. Wood in the oven or steam at this hour will be a healthier alternative.

Tip 7: Regular Meal Hours

If you do not want to eat because of the heat, if you skip meals, especially breakfast, you may decrease your sugar during the day and face sweet crises. Therefore, do not skip your meals and try to make healthy choices for snacks. So you can fight the late night sweet crises more successfully.

Tip 8: Gym and Training

Finally, our activity during the day may decrease in hot weather. As a solution, you can take advantage of the cool times in the evening so that you will not be sedentary and have the opportunity to burn the extra calories you take during the day.

See you in the next article, I wish everyone a healthy day! :)