All About Tarot Cards Reading

All About Tarot Cards Reading. Tarot reading is one of the most common types of fortune-telling. If you want to make sense of your experiences and learn about the future, this article is for you!

Tarot fortune, coffee fortune, Katina fortune, yes no fortune… There are many ways to look at fortune-telling. Although it is said that fortune-telling has no scientific basis, it is impossible not to get fortune-telling when the future is so mysterious. Fortune-telling is a very common activity for various reasons, such as learning about the future or just having fun. We have compiled for you what you need to know about the tarot horoscope, which is one of the most popular ones.

There is different information about the origins of tarot reading. Some say the tarot dates back to ancient Egypt or the Indians, while others say it originated in Italy in the 15th century.

There are those who think that the word Tarot comes from the Italian word "Taracco", and there are those who say that its origin is based on the Taro river in Italy and even the Torah. Some historians argue that the tarot comes from the "tree of life" (Kabbala) diagram used in Jewish mysticism.

There are different types of tarot reading. The most popular of these, the classic Tarot horoscope, was founded by the American poet Arthur Edward Waite. Waite initially used the cards for gaming, but later developed them as tarot readings.

Although its origins are unclear, tarot reading is one of the oldest divination methods. Future predictions are made with the meanings attributed to the symbols on the cards, and events are interpreted.

So what is the tarot horoscope we hear often? Tarot reading is actually known as a kind of card reading. Tarot cards are used in this fortune-telling method, which is based on the energy transfer between a fortune teller and a fortune teller. There are signs on the cards that refer to ancient beliefs or symbols. Some of these signs are Hindu, some Jewish, some refer to the Middle Ages. However, what matters is the interpretation made by the fortune teller, the meanings of tarot cards vary from fortune teller to fortune teller.

It is also important to recognize the cards in order to understand what tarot reading is. There are 78 tarot cards in total. These cards are divided into two main parts: major and minor arcana.

There are 22 tarot cards in the major arcana section, also known as the " arcana major ", and 56 tarot cards in the minor arcana section, also known as the " arcana minor " section. These 56 cards are divided into two as 40 suit cards and 16 palace cards. We can say that the small arcana cards, which mean little secrets, are actually the starting point of classical playing cards. Great arcana means great secrets.

Minor arcana cards are easier to interpret than major arcana because they do not have as deep a meaning as major arcana. Sometimes they can even invalidate the meaning of the minor arcana, as the major arcana gives more effective information. Minor Arcana is mostly used in the interpretation of short-term situations and events, it can be opened for almost any situation. However, major arcana cards are used for long-term situations and the inner world of the person: relationships, for example.

So how is tarot reading done? What should be considered when looking at the tarot horoscope?

  • Tarot horoscope is studied by people who know the cards and can understand the relationship between events and have high reasoning power. These people have a private session with the fortune teller or they can also look at their own fortunes. At this time, both sides are free to touch the cards.

  • It is important that the fortune-teller has a certain reason. This is why progress is made.

  • Side elements such as cover, candle, precious stones can be used in the fortune-telling environment.

  • Some cards may jump out while the cards are shuffled. In this case, the card is not put back into the deck, because the throwing of the card indicates that it wants to be selected.

  • Tarot reading is intuitive. That's why it's important for the interpreter to feel the cards. Because the energy flow between the client and the interpreter guides the interpretation of the cards.

  • In addition, clients may become too immersed in what the interpreter is saying. Therefore, it is important that the interpreter is educated. When you write “for fortune-telling” on the Internet, you can get support from the psychics on the sites or applications you come across.

  • In addition, if you want to benefit from this service free of charge, you can search by typing "free fortune-telling", "free fortune-telling" or "free fortune-telling".

  • On the other hand, if you only want to enter tarot reading sites, you can search for “fortune tarot”, “tarot reading”, “tarot reading”, “open tarot”, “my tarot reading”. Thanks to these sites, you can get free tarot readings.

In addition, the way of fortune-telling may vary depending on the type of tarot fortune read:

1. Tarot love horoscope

Tarot reading is especially popular with people who are in love or who want to find true love. So much so that this fortune-telling can be viewed as a free tarot love horoscope on many websites and fortune-telling applications.

Tarot love horoscope starts with 6 or 7 cards on the table. According to the numbers above, these cards reveal the fortune teller's perspective on himself, his relationship, his partner and his perspective on the relationship, the common features that connect the couple to each other, the strength that holds the relationship together, the weaknesses of the relationship, and what is needed in this relationship.

2. Single card tarot reading

Normally, tarot reading is not looked at with a single card, but with more than one card, because a single card does not give you effective information. However, in some cases where the person is undecided, one tarot card can be opened. Tarot is opened with a single card to get only one answer.

While the cards are shuffled and lined up, the question for which the answer is sought is considered. Then the selected single card gives brief and clear information about the decision to be made.

3. Tarot single card love horoscope

Tarot single card love horoscope, as the name suggests, is a single card love horoscope. A clear question with a "yes" or "no" answer is asked and the selected card provides the answer to the question. This method can be used in cases where a decision needs to be made.

4. Three card tarot reading

In the 3-card tarot, the cards represent the past, present, and future. The meaning of the three cards chosen changes according to the order in which they appear. The three-card tarot expansion helps us understand the situation we are in right now.

5. yes no horoscope

For an answer that needs to be taken urgently, yes or no horoscope can be used. It provides a clear and short answer to the question asked. It is done with a single card spread. The yes or no answer given by the selected card is interpreted.

However, sometimes the answer from the card can be vague as “maybe”. Yes or no horoscope can also be used as an auxiliary method in multi-card spread fortunes.

Apart from tarot horoscopes, among the most common horoscopes are the following:

1. Coffee fortune telling

Coffee fortune telling is one of the most common types of fortune-telling. Especially with the widespread use of the internet and smartphones, the “real coffee fortune-telling” applications have become popular. In particular, a Youtube channel called "Dilan Kahve Tarot" attracts the attention of the audience by looking at both coffee fortune and tarot fortune. Apart from this type of application, which can be used by people who want to have free coffee fortune-telling, some cafes also offer coffee fortune-telling services.

Coffee fortunes are looked at by the interpreter after the cup is turned upside down and the gold has cooled. Different meanings can be drawn according to the shapes on the plate and inside the cup, and even the way the coffee is poured when the cup is first opened.

2. Katina love horoscope

Katina's horoscope, which is similar to tarot fortune because it is card fortune, has different expansions: cross opening, decision opening, love opening, and 3 card opening. Katina's love horoscope is one of the most sought after. So much so that many people refer to the internet for the deadlocks they experience in their love life and search for "Katina fortune-telling".

This fortune-telling, named after Izmir's famous fortune-teller Katina, is made with 35 cards. Each card has a different meaning, but again, the meanings may vary according to the intuition of the interpreter. With Katina's love horoscope, a person can get information about the course and future of his relationship.

3. Water horoscope

It requires more concentration than other fortune-telling, so not every fortune teller can look at water fortune-telling. Also, looking at it by candlelight in a quiet environment makes it easier to concentrate. Various questions are asked to the fortune teller. With the incoming responses and the effect of the environment, shapes appear on the surface of the water that only those who can spiritually communicate with supernatural beings can see. Figures are interpreted 3 times a day. While looking at the water fortune, Verse El Kursi, Mendel Prayer, and Surah Cin are read.

4. Marriage horoscope

The person who has marriage fortune-telling must take a shower with warm water and the environment for fortune-telling must be fragrant. The intention of the client must be clear, otherwise, it will be unhealthy to tell fortunes. While looking at the marriage horoscope, the prayer for marriage is read, then it is necessary to sleep. After this process is done a few times, answers related to the intended topic are found.

Especially one of the popular searches on the internet is "look at the marriage horoscope". However, keep in mind that frequent marriage fortunes can cause various problems, especially psychological ones. On the other hand, the accuracy of the marriage horoscope is not yet clear.

5. Horoscope of cards

Speaking of so many free tarot readings, it would be nice if we didn't talk about the card game, which is very similar to it. In this fortune-telling with playing cards, the person who will make the fortune-telling cuts the cards. Each card has a meaning and the cards generally represent the elements in nature (air, water, fire, earth). The interpreter can also look at his own cards. If you're wondering, you can look up your own fortune-telling with a simple search on the internet for "look at playing cards".