What is the coffee culture like in the world? Coffee, which is among the most popular beverages in the world, is prepared in different ways according to countries. Here are the different coffee cultures from all over the world:

Coffee, which is drunk around the world, is prepared in different ways. This beverage, which connects the world, finds a place on the tables with both hot and cold varieties. It is also served as an alcoholic in some countries and more harshly in others. So, what is the coffee culture like in the world? If you happen to go to other countries, we have compiled the coffee varieties that you should definitely try. Here is the coffee culture in the world:

Coffee Culture in France

  • French people like to consume their coffee while sitting and chatting.

  • Strong coffees are mostly consumed in France. 'Un cafe' defines strong coffee served in a small cup, and 'un cafe serre' defines strong espresso.

  • In France, coffees with milk such as latte and mocha are consumed at breakfast. Coffee with milk is difficult to find in the evening.

  • French breakfasts are mostly served with croissants and filter coffee.

  • The French consume cold types of coffee during the summer months.

Coffee Culture in Italy

  • Italian breakfasts are made with cappuccino. You won't find cappuccino after 11 o'clock in the morning.

  • The price of the coffee is always paid first. Payment must be made before drinking the coffee.

  • Places where coffee is served in Italy are called bars.

  • In Italy, lemon peel or a slice of lemon is served next to the espresso to lighten its taste. This is called 'espresso romano'.

  • Coffees in Italy are in the take away concept. In other words, coffee is bought, paid and to go. If you want to order your coffee from your seat, you will pay an extra service fee.

  • To order coffee with milk in Italy, you have to call it cafe latte. If you only say latte, you are ordering hot milk.

Coffee Culture in Germany

  • German coffee culture is at noon on Sundays. This clock is called 'coffee-cake hour'. People get together and enjoy coffee and cake.

  • In Germany, the type of iced coffee called 'eiskaffee' is preferred especially in summer.

Coffee Culture in Vietnam

  • Vietnam, the second country in the world in the coffee industry, is where the most robusta coffee beans are produced.

  • In Vietnam, coffee is usually consumed in the morning and is known as 'ca phe trung'. Eggs are also used in this coffee. After the egg is whipped until it froths, filter coffee and milk jam are added. It tastes similar to creme caramel.

  • One of the varieties of coffee unique to Vietnam is 'ca phe sua da', or iced milk coffee. Vietnamese coffee beans are brewed with a French coffee filter. Ice is added after the concentrated milk is added.

Coffee Culture in Spain

  • The way of preparing coffee in Spain is divided into eight. These names change according to the ratio of coffee and milk.

  • Solo is a type with the highest concentration of coffee and no milk. The coffee ratio of nuben is at the lowest level. Lots of milk is used in it.

  • The coffee density is listed as follows, from high to low; Solo, largo, semi largo, solo corto, mitad, entre corto, corto, sombro and nube.

  • If you want the amount of coffee and milk to be equal, you can try cafe con leche, if you want coffee with sugar, you can try cafe bonbon.

Coffee Culture in Cuba

  • Cubans drink their coffee in small cafes in the neighborhoods.

  • Sitting and chatting while drinking coffee is also popular in Cuba.

  • Cafe cubano, with a lot of sugar in the espresso, is one of the most popular types of coffee.

Coffee Culture in Morocco

  • Coffees made in Morocco contain a lot of spices.

  • One of the most popular coffee varieties in Morocco, 'cafe des epices' is prepared with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and black pepper. This coffee, which is said to have a strong taste, is prepared from a strong Moroccan mixture.

Coffee Culture in Austria

  • Vienna, the capital city of Austria, has managed to stand out in the field of coffee.

  • There are coffee houses in many parts of Vienna and you can hear the sounds of jazz music inside these houses.

  • In Vienna, people prefer strong coffees. The coffee we call espresso is consumed as a melange in Vienna.

  • Coffee varieties with egg whites and alcoholic beverages are also widely consumed.

  • Desserts such as sweet pancakes, strudel and sacher torte accompany the coffee.

Coffee Culture from Ethiopia

  • Producing Arabica beans and offering a unique flavor in this regard, Ethiopia is also known as the country where coffee originated.

  • The coffee beans used in Ethiopia are powdered and prepared and served like Turkish coffee.

  • Cooked in a clay jug directly on the fire, 'Buna' coffee is one of Ethiopia's strong coffee varieties.

Coffee Culture in Turkey

  • Speaking of coffee, not the avoidance of Turkey. Turkish coffee is the most widely consumed and popular type of coffee in our country.

  • the coffee beans longer grown in Turkey, Turkish coffee shape of cooking is different than other coffee.

  • Turkish coffee can be cooked using different techniques such as on the stove, sand, and embers.

  • Although Turkish coffee is usually made up of a combination of coffee and water, gum mastic, milk or ice can be added if desired.

  • Turkish coffee, which finds a place in ceremonies such as asking for a girl, is usually served with Turkish delight or chocolate. Drinking water is also served next to it.

  • By cooking Turkish coffee with different techniques, strong coffee called 'mırra' can be prepared.

  • drink coffee, accompanied by sitting down to chat with friends or relatives in Turkey. It is also very famous to look fortunes when the finished coffees are turned upside down.