We have researched collagen for you, which is famous among the public as a formula against aging from ear to ear.

Collagen is actually a structural protein that constitutes 25% of our body and ensures the integrity of the tissues in the body. Collagen production decreases over time with advancing age, smoking, alcohol consumption, and exposure to UV rays. Due to the decrease in collagen, the skin loses its flexibility, brightness, and softness, becomes dull, wrinkles, and color changes, especially brown spots, occur. As a result, sagging and wrinkles occur on the skin.


Although collagen varies from source to source, it is known that there are 19-21 types. The most common of these is Type I collagen and is mostly found in connective tissue such as skin, bone, and tendon. Type II collagen is found especially in cartilage tissue. Other types of collagen are found in very small amounts and generally differ from tissue to tissue. Collagen is broken down in the body by the enzyme collagenase, which reduces its positive effects on the tissue.

But there is a vitamin that stops this enzyme from working, which is vitamin C, that is, when we consume foods containing collagen with foods containing vitamin C (such as orange, tangerine), we increase its positive effects.


Proper and regular consumption of broth, bone broth, chicken broth (with supplements to soups without excess and with a source of meat from a reliable source), red, orange and purple vegetables, eggs, fish and citrus fruits that are sources of Omega3 in your diet provides support in terms of collagen. The form of collagen used in supplements in products is collagen hydrolyzate. Collagen hydrolyzate is a water-soluble protein hydrolyzate formed as a result of the breakdown of collagen protein obtained from animal skin and bones by enzymatic or acidic hydrolysis. Collagen hydrolyzate is available from fish, cattle, and pork.

Among the general collagen benefits, healing in skin tissue, strengthening nail hair structure, supporting muscle building can be given as examples. For collagen support/supplements, as in other supplements, a doctor, a health professional should definitely look at the person and decide on what disease he has, his general health, and what drugs he used.

We remind you that no food alone prevents aging and that aging is a natural process for us and wish you healthy days.