Updated: Jan 5

General Nutrition Recommendations

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19), which the World Health Organization now regards as a pandemic, also poses an important public health threat in our country. Although there is no food that can prevent or treat coronavirus by itself; It has been proven that a healthy and balanced diet, physical activity, and regular sleep strengthen the immune system.

When healthy eating is evaluated in the context of coronavirus pandemic, suggestions for healthy individuals are as follows;

Healthy Nutrition is Important in Quarantine Applications

Since the clearest known practice regarding Covid-19 is social isolation in which all kinds of contact are minimized, many global health organizations recommend that everyone should have at least two weeks of medicine and food, including possible quarantine practices. It will be appropriate for the foods to be nutritious, long shelf life, and durable as possible. In order to overcome this difficult period as easily as possible, it is very important for a balanced diet that the foods to be selected are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Vegetable and Fruit Consumption Should Be Prioritized

Although it does not come to mind when it comes to durable food; In fact, adequate daily vegetable and fruit consumption should be provided every day and every meal. Initiative with the Ministry of Health and Nutrition Dietary recommendations prepared by the experts of our teacher's guide Turkey is the most current source of Dietetics in this regard. Turkey Dietary Guidelines recommended by Healthy Dining plate is according to each main meal on the plate a quarter of the vegetables, the other quarter from whole grain products, and the remaining half of the fruit into three equal parts, high-protein foods (legumes, meat, eggs, fish, chicken, oilseeds, etc.) and dairy products (milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, etc.) (Figure 1). In addition to these, it is recommended to ensure sufficient water consumption and to use olive oil in daily nutrition.

In the light of this information, fruit and vegetables should be emphasized in food shopping. It is also necessary to freeze some of the fresh vegetables and fruits in quantities suitable for later consumption and / or cooking in order to ensure the continuity of healthy nutrition in situations that cannot be left home for a long time.

Seasonal and Durable Vegetables and Fruits Should Be Purchased

Considering the current season, some vegetables that can last for a long time include cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, peppers, radishes, carrots, potatoes; Examples of fruits are apple, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, immature banana. Since especially citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C that supports the immune system, the consumption of these fruits should be concentrated and if possible, fresh lemon should be squeezed into meals. To extend the shelf life of durable vegetables, they should be stored in the refrigerator without washing and cutting. In addition to these, foods such as dried fruit, dried okra, eggplant, pepper and tomato have a long shelf life; It will be beneficial to have them at home, as they are food sources of fiber and minerals.

Dried Legumes Can Be Consumed Every Day

Another highly durable and nutritious protein source alternative is dry legumes. Green, red lentils, chickpeas, bean varieties, kidney beans, etc. foods can be consumed every day. However, these products, which can have a long cooking time, are boiled in large quantities beforehand and stored in the freezer so that they can be cooked quickly afterwards. home preparation of those that can be taken as canned food, canned may be restricted from further alternative products would be more appropriate when considered in terms of the reduction of salt intake significantly above proposals characterized in Turkey.

Fish Consumption Twice a Week is Important

In cases where fresh fish, which is recommended to be consumed at least twice a week, cannot be found, it may be recommended to keep frozen or canned tuna alternatives at home in case of quarantine. Although fish may contain more fat than red meat and poultry, which are rich protein sources, generally have less energy than the same amount of red and white meats, their consumption should be increased.

Recommendations for Quality Animal Protein Consumption

Egg and cheese varieties are foods that contain high quality animal protein that can last for a long time when stored under appropriate conditions. In order for antibodies, one of the body's important defense mechanisms, to fulfill their duties against viruses and bacteria that cause diseases, sufficient protein must be taken every day. In addition to these, beneficial microorganisms found in products such as probiotic supplemented yogurt and kefir can also be consumed by lovers, especially during this period, as they can support the immune system.

Food and Beverages Consumption to be Restricted

Food and drinks that should be restricted during this period; Sugar and sugary foods and drinks that increase blood sugar rapidly, pastry products including white bread, processed meat products, foods containing excessive salt (instant sauces, salty products such as chips, popcorn, savory cookies, etc.). The consumption of alcoholic beverages with high energy content should be limited as much as possible, as they can negatively affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals and cause sleep problems. There is no evidence that alcohol consumption prevents coronovirus infection, and fake drinks containing methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol can also cause serious poisoning.

Cleanliness and Good Cooking are Important When Preparing Food

Although there is no evidence that the coronavirus is transmitted by food, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness in food preparation processes, especially meat products; It is very important that all cooked foods reach a high internal temperature, that is, they are cooked well.

Sufficient Vitamin and Mineral Intake Should Be Ensured Daily

Finally; Although it is the preferred way to provide sufficient vitamin and mineral consumption with foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and oil seeds; Turkey Dietary Guidelines proposed in the "Healthy Food Plate" fed by the (e) mean people take daily vitamin and mineral supplement may be offered as an alternative in this particular interim period.