Everything You Need to Know About Chocolate

Chocolate is indispensable for all desserts. There is almost no one who does not like it. So what is the indispensable part of good chocolate? What should we pay attention to when choosing chocolate? How should we store chocolate?

Chocolate is produced from the beans of the cocoa tree. Therefore, the taste, texture, and color of the chocolate vary according to the type of the cocoa tree, the country where the tree is grown, the cocoa butter ratio, and many factors in its production.

The chocolate composition mainly includes sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, and milk powder.

When you take good chocolate in your hand, it starts to melt. It breaks cleanly without crumbs and has an appearance resembling tree bark. When good quality chocolate is cracked, a crunch is heard, this sound is caused by the crystals of the cocoa butter. This sound is louder with dark chocolate than with milk and white chocolate.

Chocolate should be stored in a cool and dry environment. The optimum temperature is between 16-20 degrees. The refrigerator is not a suitable environment for storing chocolates.

Dark, milk, and white chocolate

All of the chocolate with 54% cocoa content and more in Turkey is undergoing the dark. The chocolates we buy from the markets are generally chocolates with a cocoa ratio of 54%. On the other hand, 52-62% cocoa ratio is semisweet and 63-72% cocoa ratio is bittersweet abroad.

A cocoa ratio of 54% means that chocolate contains 46% sugar. In other words, the higher the cocoa, the less sugar. It is also necessary to pay attention to this in the recipes. We should not ignore that when we reduce the cocoa ratio, the recipe will become sweeter. There will be some changes not only in taste but also in texture.

Of course, these were for dark chocolate. When we talk about milk or white chocolate, substances such as milk fat and milk powder are added. For milk chocolate, the amount of cocoa should be at least 25%, which is mostly the case in markets.

White chocolate is different. There is no cocoa in it. It consists of cocoa butter, milk, and sugar. A cocoa ratio of 35% is ideal. The color of quality white chocolate is not white but yellow.

I do not want to pass without saying this: The drop chocolate sold in the markets is not actually chocolate, but COCOLIN. Cocoline contains whey powder instead of milk, margarine instead of cocoa butter, and cocoa powder instead of cocoa. It is not technically a type of chocolate either, as it does not contain cocoa butter. When cakes are put into cookies, they do not melt because the melting temperature of the fat used is higher than that of cocoa butter.