Green tea warning: There are harms as well as benefits!

The benefits of green tea, which is an indispensable part of dieters, do not end with counting. Green tea, one of the prominent herbal teas, should be preferred not only for weight control but also for its positive effects on the body. One of the most important benefits of green tea, which allows the body to stay fit and perform its daily functions smoothly, is its protection against cancer.

Green tea, which should be consumed at most 3 cups a day, is a food source that also supports snacks. When the benefits of green tea, which helps in fat burning, are listed, the anti-edema effect comes first. Green tea, which allows edema to be removed from the body through the kidneys, also protects the cardiovascular system by increasing blood flow. Here are the benefits of green tea that does not end with counting effects on the body...


Although green tea has numerous positive effects on the body thanks to its benefits, it can do more harm than good when consumed unconsciously. For this reason, it is important to know how to drink green tea. So, what should be considered when consuming green tea? Here's what you need to know about this herbal tea, which is a part of our life:

Green tea, which does not end with counting benefits, has a very high antioxidant content thanks to the flavonoid substance it contains. Since this feature is much higher than black tea, it also increases the defense against cancer.

Green tea, known to be protective against cancer, helps to lose weight by accelerating metabolism. In addition, it is protective against the cardiovascular system as it increases blood flow. Thanks to its edema removal feature, it helps to remove the water accumulated in the body through the kidneys. This is its most important feature. However, green tea has the feature of being a plant that can harm the body as well as its benefits. Therefore, it should not be consumed unconsciously. If a person with high blood pressure is taking medication, he should consult a dietician and drink it. Because plants interact with drugs.

Green tea should not be consumed more than 2-3 cups a day. When consumed too much, it can cause problems such as arrhythmia and tachycardia.

It is not right to soak green tea in too much hot water. It will be sufficient to brew for 5-6 minutes in hot water.