How is Concentrated Juice Made ?

How is Concentrated Juice Made ? We prepared our tomato paste, prepared canned food from various vegetables, and started to store our favorite summer vegetables and fruits in the freezer for the winter in the most healthy way. In winter preparations, this time it's time for delicious drinks!

Let everyone learn how to make concentrated fruit juice for the winter, and let everyone meet with these delicious fruit juices that go well with every meal and play a role even from tea and coffee when appropriate.

Since you will prepare it in a concentrated way, even if you only make 1 jar, you can consume for a long time with pleasure and diversify with the fruits you want, all the secret of taste of homemade fruit juices is hidden in the recipe below.

How is Concentrated Juice Made ?

Ingredients for concentrated juice :

This time, we roll up our sleeves and enter the kitchen to enjoy our favorite fruits all year long. To prepare our homemade concentrated fruit juices, we first bring the ingredients to the counter. Let me list what you say about those materials:

  • Your favorite fruit or fruit (You can use a single fruit, if you wish, you can combine various fruits such as apricot, plum, peach, grape, nectarine, cherry, apple, pear)

  • Sugar (Amount to suit your taste and the fruits you use)

  • 2 glasses of water (for about 4 kilograms of fruit)

In this recipe, we use a lot of fruit, such as 4 kilograms, because the juice we will prepare will be a concentrated juice. In winter, we will not transfer it directly from the jars to the glass and drink it, we will consume it by diluting. Thus, it will be both much more fertile and much more delicious, we say it from us and we are waiting for you towards its construction.

How To Make A Concentrated Juice Recipe

How is Concentrated Juice Made ?

  • Clean the fruit well. Peel them if you deem necessary. (This situation will change depending on the fruit you use. In general, while the peach is prepared by peeling, fruits such as apricot, cherry, grape, pear, apple are used without peeling, keep in mind)

  • Cut the fruit into cubes and put them in a bowl.

  • Add 2-3 glasses of water on it, turn on the bottom of the stove and cook until the fruits are soft.

  • When the fruits start to soften, add sugar to it and mix it well so that the sugar dissolves and take it off the stove.

  • Then, while it's still hot, puree the whole fruity mixture with a hand blender. Transfer to hot jars again and close the lids.

  • After waiting for 1 day to cool at room temperature, store it safely in a cool and dark place.

When you want to consume it, transfer it from the jar to the glasses with a spoon and dilute it according to your taste. At this stage, if the sugar is low, you can add sugar again. Bon Appetit.

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