How to Grow Lilies Easily?

Updated: Jan 5

The lily, which fascinates with its appearance, can be used as food in some cultures as well as decorating living spaces. The lily, which belongs to the lily of a wide family, is sometimes referred to as lilies.

What is a lily? What are the types of lilies?

The lily, which does not need direct sunlight and is usually grown as an ornamental plant in gardens and homes, is almost a beauty monument with its elegant flowers. The lily, which loves temperate regions, is a bulbous plant. There are approximately 110 species of this plant, which can also be consumed as food in some cultures. The most preferred lily types to be grown can be listed as follows:

White Lily : The white lily flower, which is especially enchanted by its scent, is the most comfortable and widely used lily type.

Purple Lily: Purple lily, which has extremely large leaves, carries the strong perception of purple color, which is considered to be a sign of nobility, to living spaces.

Trabzon Lilies: specific Trabzon Turkey lily white, yellow or red will be in color.

Spotted Lily: The spotted lily, which can be black on orange flowers or brown on white leaves, draws attention with its unique beauty.

Sand lily: The rare sand lily takes its place as a special species protected in the world. In addition to these, lily species, known as Asian, Eastern, American and Orlean hybrids, find themselves in many areas with their different colors and leaf types.

What are the lily flower characteristics?

The lily flower is known for its durability besides having a perennial structure. Its roots grow horizontally. It has a long body. Sprouting in April, the lily begins to bloom between May and July. It can be found in yellow, red, orange, pink, or white.

How to grow lilies at home?

  • Lily, which does not need direct sunlight, does not like areas that are too hot and too cold.

  • Lily bulbs for growing lily; First, it is planted in a mixture of half garden soil and half peat in an average flower pot.

  • It should be planted with the sprouted part on top.

  • Needs regular watering. The same amount of water should be given every day. It usually blooms in summer.

When to plant lily bulbs?

The best time for planting lily bulbs is in autumn. The plant, which blooms in summer, requires careful care and patience.

How to get lily flower seeds?

The lily seed is usually obtained by separating the flower from the stem. The separated part is planted in another pot and it takes root again.

How to propagate lily seeds?

The best time to propagate lily seeds is in April. The most common method used for replication is root extraction. The lily separated from its root parts is taken into another pot. The new lily, which continues with the same care and watering processes, blooms as soon as possible and reveals its beauty.

How to care for lilies?

  • It is best to keep the lily soil constantly moist. In addition to recommending irrigation every other day, the frequency and amount of irrigation can be increased in hot summer months. Care should be taken as excessive watering will cause the flower to fade.

  • Its environment should be between 21 and 25 degrees and it should not receive direct sunlight.

  • Airing for 3-4 hours a day will allow the flower to bloom more efficiently.