How to Understand Shopping Addiction?

We all love to shop, but when it turns addictive, alarm bells are ringing. So, do you know what size your shopping habit is?

We all love to shop, but when it turns addictive, alarm bells are ringing. So, do you know what size your shopping habit is?

Have you ever thought that you are addicted to shopping? Here are the signs that will help you understand if you are a shopping addict:

If you always buy the same clothes!

If you always wear the same model clothes and buy similar items while shopping, shopping addiction is not far from you. If you are constantly buying the same model of jeans or a t-shirt, stop yourself immediately.

If you are shopping even if your budget is tight!

If shopping comes before your debts and bills, if you consider buying a new outfit more important than meeting your needs, then you have started to become addicted to shopping.

If you forget to change the products you bought!

Do you feel lazy or complain about lack of time to change a garment that you don't like or feel too small after you buy it? The thing is, you think you can wear these clothes later. This is the most secret and sneaky approach to your shopping addiction. Change your unworn clothes immediately or give them to a friend.

If you're shopping to share!

It's okay if we don't share every moment we have on social media! Where people go, what they eat, or what they buy, social media is in front of us moment by moment. We can't help but share the shopping made especially from expensive brands. If you have attempted to prove this to your followers, it means that you have taken your place among shopping addicts.

If you buy both expensive and cheap!

If you buy imitations of a piece after buying the expensive one, you may have a shopping problem. If you are wearing the cheap one rather than using the expensive one, you may have an obsession problem, get support from an expert.

If you only buy products because you love the brand!

If you are shopping because of your loyalty to the designer and brand you follow, it is inevitable that you will have a hard time with your budget. By buying products that do not fit your fashion taste, you will only be wasting it.

If you have a feeling of shopping that you can't stop, if you buy whatever you think is necessary and unnecessary, if you do not think that you are wasting your money, you should immediately seek professional support. Shopping addiction is also harmful to your health!