How would you like to lose weight in 20 steps without dieting?

Updated: Jan 5

We learned from Hisar Intercontinental Nutrition and Diet Specialist Elif Karacanoğlu how you can lose weight without dieting with small changes in your life .

Determine your eating time.

Set a timer for 20 minutes and how long eat to discover what you eat. It's a complicated diet it is one of the good habits that will make you lose weight without a plan. Thus, you can eat by tasting every bite. The small portions of food you eat over a period of 20 minutes make you enjoy your meal and trigger your body's satiety hormones.

More sleep could mean less weight!

According to a study conducted at the University of Michigan, when you increase your daily sleep time by one hour (when you sleep earlier at night), you can lose about 14 kg in a year, although it varies from person to person. Of course, you can do this by avoiding the wrong snacks.

Eat more vegetables and fruits.

One of your meals, usually dinner, devote to eating more vegetables and fruits. Since fruits and vegetables contain more fiber and water, they help you eat fewer calories. Not when cooking vegetables; use oil when servicing. If you are a salad lover, choose lemon juice and seasonal herbs instead of high-fat sauces to sweeten your salad.

Make room for the soup on your table.

Make sure to add soup to your menu, except for cream soups that are high in fat and calories. So you get fewer calories. Since the feeling of satiety occurs faster in a meal that starts with soup, your appetite decreases. After the soup, choose a vegetable-based meal.

Consume more grains.

Whole grains like brown rice, barley, oats, wheat, and whole wheat also help you lose weight without you noticing. You can keep your cholesterol at a healthy level while eating lower calories.

Set achievable goals.

Hang an old favorite dress, skirt, or pants somewhere you can see it every day, and your reward is to be able to wear them again.

Reduce the bread

By reducing a slice of the sandwich you eat for breakfast or lunch; You can also get fewer calories by putting tomato slices, roasted peppers, or goat cheese inside.

If you are one of those who say I cannot give up pizza

Choose the dough of your pizza as thin as bread crust. You can avoid gaining 100 more calories by putting side dishes and light cheese on it.

Cut the sugar

You can use flavors such as lemon and mint to sweeten your drinks instead of sugar. By avoiding sugary products, you can lose about 5 kilos in a year without notice.

Use short, wide glasses instead of tall glasses

When you consume liquids such as fruit juice and soda in short and wide glasses, you will get 25-30% fewer calories.

Limit your alcohol consumption

When you limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages and snacks such as chips and nuts, you will have fewer calories.

Make room for green tea in your life

Green tea can be a good strategy as it will make you lose calories without realizing it.

Do yoga

According to research from the American Dietetic Association, those who practice yoga tend to pay more attention to self-awareness and regular nutrition, and may also avoid unnecessary calories.

Choose to eat at home instead of eating out.

You may lose calories more easily if you eat at home for at least five days a week. If you are one of those who say it is difficult, you will be able to eat faster and get fewer calories by using foods that speed up your work such as pre-chopped lean beef, lettuce, canned beans, and salmon.

Enjoy the dining table

Do not forget that the dining table is an area where you can enjoy your meal by chatting instead of eating continuously. However, do not extend the time you will be at the table too.

Chew strong peppermint gum

If you get hungry very often and want to snack, you can relieve this desire by chewing sugar-free mint-flavored gum.

Shrink your dinner plates

Automatically shrink your dinner plates to eat less food. Thus, you can get rid of 200 calories a day and about 10 kg a year without realizing it.

If you are one of those who say I do not give up pasta...

Choose tomato-based sauces with less fat than cream-based sauces that contain more fat.

Eat less meat

Eating vegetarian food brings along the habit of losing weight. Vegetarians eat fewer calories than those who eat meat. There are several reasons for this, but legumes can play an important role. Lentil soup and other delicious legume-based foods are just packed with fiber.

Did you know that by burning 100 extra calories each day, you can lose 10 pounds in a year?

For this, walk for about 20 minutes every day. Take pictures during this hike. If you don't have time to walk, clean your house for 30 minutes.