Healthy and easier than you think! Steps to making chocolate at home

Store-bought chocolates often contain unattractive ingredients such as added sugar, dyes, and preservatives. Fortunately, it's easy to make your own yummy and all-natural chocolate at home using a few basic ingredients.

You don't need very professional ingredients to make chocolate at home. Any melting pot or warming pot, on which chocolates can be melted, is sufficient as a starting point.

Any foil-covered tray that can be worked on later, decoration materials such as cream, nuts, and Turkish delight will be enough to make two types of chocolate.

Chocolate must first be melted. Another heat-resistant container with chocolate inside is placed on a container with very little water in it. If chocolate is exposed to very high temperatures, it will start to burn without melting. The upper container should never touch the boiling water, use its steam and the chocolate should melt in this way.

After the chocolate melts, other ingredients can be added and truffle production can be continued. To make a milk hazelnut truffle, a glass of crushed hazelnuts and 100 gr. milk cream is added. They are mixed slowly until they are homogeneous. Then it is placed in the cupboard and kept for about 1 hour.

The chilled chocolate is taken out of the fridge. The capsules are lined up on the table and, like meatballs, a piece of chocolate is cut and put into the cocoa. After the chocolates are covered with cocoa, they are taken into individual capsules. It is ready for lending.


When making chocolate at home, dark chocolate should be melted at a temperature of about 45 degrees. Only water vapor is used for it. The melting pot should be placed on the pot of boiling water and then the chocolate should be mixed. It should not be exposed to high temperatures as possible. If the water is too full and the pot comes into contact with the boiling water, the chocolate will start to burn.

After melting the chocolate, you should place it on a cold floor. Then a technical process called tempering should be done.

Cold chocolates can be added to the melted chocolate. As the cold chocolate melts, it causes the temperature of the container to decrease. This process is called tempering. The lower the temperature of the chocolate, the higher its density.

To obtain bright chocolates by crystallizing the cocoa butter inside, the chocolate must be mixed with a blender. It should take around 1 minute before removing bubbles as much as possible. Now, the desired chocolates are ready for application.


Melted at 45 degrees while making chocolate covered Turkish delight, tempered by cooling to 32 degrees, and crystallized with cocoa butter, chocolate is ready for delicious treats.

To make a chocolate-covered delight, the powdered sugar on the marshmallow is taken and thrown into the chocolate. It can then be placed on any tray with aluminum foil. This process can be done with many different materials.

To decorate the chocolate covered delight, squeeze bags can be filled with white chocolate and squeezed on it.


Refrigerators should never be preferred to preserve chocolate. The ideal storage temperature for chocolate is approximately 18 degrees. It should be stored in a dark and cool place as much as possible. Sunlight causes the chocolate to spoil.

All chocolates bought are wrapped in foil paper. If it is desired to be stored again after opening and eating, it should be rewrapped in foil, not refrigerated, but kept in closed kitchen cabinets.