We all make these mistakes! Never put these ingredients in the blender

Updated: Jan 11

Blenders are the biggest helpers in our kitchens. Used in everything from soups to sauces to smoothies, blenders have a few simple tricks to keep in mind for longevity. One of them is not to put any harmful materials into the blender. So what are those materials? Some of them will really surprise you...

Green vegetables at room temperature

Green vegetables are one of the most important ingredients in smoothies. However, there is something to be aware of when putting the fiber storehouse these vegetables in the blender. If you put the vegetables in the blender as they are, it can turn brown with the power of the engine. If you want your drinks not to lose their green color, what you need to do is to put your vegetables on ice for 5 minutes before putting them in the blender.

High fiber foods

Not only green leafy vegetables but many other fibrous products should not be thrown into the blender. Even the blenders with the strongest motor can be damaged in this case. For example, when you put raw broccoli into a blender, it immediately splits into fibers. This can damage your blender.

Frozen fruits

Frozen fruits are also indispensable for smoothies. But it is not right to throw these fruits into the blender as soon as they come out of the freezer. Otherwise, you may get roughness inside your smoothie. Even worse, the blender's blades may crack or break due to the hardness of the fruit. Keeping frozen fruits at room temperature for a while before putting them in the blender or putting them in a kitchen bag and soaking them in water to dissolve them prevent these problems.

Dried fruits

Nuts, coffee beans, or even cocoa beans reduce the sharpness of the knives and do not mix when you put them in the blender. In fact, because the motor is not powerful enough, you can get a sticky, mud-like result when you put these materials into the blender. To grind such ingredients, you must use a mill instead of a blender.

Ingredients with strong scent and aroma

Ingredients with a strong smell and taste, such as garlic and red, can affect the blender's rubber seal. This can spread to the products you put in the blender later. If you don't want to smell the garlic sauce you prepared for your meat later in your fruit smoothie, you should avoid it.

Too much or too little liquid

If you are going to add liquid into the blender while it is running, you should do it little by little. Otherwise, the engine may be strained or jump. Therefore, you should set the ratio of liquids to solids correctly. Not adding enough liquid causes the material you pulled in the blender to be lumpy while adding too much liquid also prevents the blades from contacting solid substances and causes them to become ineffective.

Bone materials

If you are going to put the chicken or fish in the blender, you should clean the bones thoroughly. This may sound like a simple warning, but many people, including professionals, make this mistake.


The reason why meat is not right to be thrown into the blender is that the taste and texture is lost. However, if you are planning to do something like baby food then make sure that the fibers of the meat do not damage the blender.


If you need to put a kitchen utensil into the blender, especially while working, definitely avoid plastic, glass, and wooden ones. These can break or crack. This causes the product you have prepared to become unconsumable. If you want to add kitchen utensils to the blender, try to use metal spoons.

Dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes are not suitable for a blender, except for blenders with very powerful performance. Its flexible structure like leather stays stuck in the blender and prevents it from working. If you want to put the dried tomatoes in the blender, then you need to soak them in water and soften them first.

Tomato sauce

The reason why the blender is not suitable for tomato sauce is this: The blender causes too many air bubbles in the tomato sauce. This will result in the color of your tomato sauce being pink instead of red.


Potatoes and other starchy vegetables should not be drawn too much in the blender. Otherwise, it will turn into a starchy structure and leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Well, what does it mean? Yes, you should not use a blender while making mashed potatoes.

Very hot materials

If you put a very hot liquid in the blender and close the lid, you may cause a huge household accident. The steam of the hot liquid causes the lid to burst and the ingredients inside the blender scatter all over the kitchen. In the meantime, your hands and face can be greatly damaged. Beware of!


It is not correct to put it in the blender, regardless of the batter. If you are not very careful, the dough can easily become hard and unworkable.


Another product you shouldn't throw in the blender is fresh or dried ginger. Ginger, which breaks down immediately because it is very fibrous, causes great damage to your blender. For this reason, it is best to chop the ginger with a knife or peel it with a fork, especially for smoothies.

Powdered materials

The moment you put the flour, powdered sugar, or dough mixes in the blender, you open the door to a disaster in the kitchen. If you are going to add these products to the blender, you must first put the liquid in the blender and start the engine, then pour the dry material from the blender's lid. Instead, our recommendation is to use a deep bowl and a low-speed mixer.