Delicious 8 Indian Food Recipes From Indian Cuisine

Updated: Jan 5

Today we say, let's get to know Indian cuisine closely, and equip our tables with Indian food! :)

Make a note of these Indian dishes that will suit your taste buds and will make you add different flavors to your table.

Then let's leave you with the special and delicious recipes of Indian cuisine!

1) Chicken With Tikka Masala Sauce

It is one of the most famous flavors of Indian cuisine. Its special sauce that makes you forget the classic chicken dishes, plenty of spices and the color of your appetite is ready to add flavor to dinners!

2) Biryani

Although Biryani is often seen as a rice, it is much more than a rice. Thanks to the meat, chicken or fish used in its production, it replaces a main dish alone, and creates an unforgettable wave of taste in the palate thanks to the spices in it.

There are several main types of Biryani and they are specific to a particular community. Here are just a few of them: Sindhi biryani: The exotic and aromatic type of Biryani is popular in Pakistan and known for its spicy taste, fragrant rice, and delicate flesh. It is made with meat and Basmati rice, vegetables, and a variety of spices.

Hyderabadi biryani: This Biryani is one of the most popular types in India. Includes goat meat marinated and cooked with rice and coconut / saffron spices.

Malabar Biriyani: This is the only version of Biryani in Kerala, an Indian state. It is a popular dish eaten by the Malabar Muslim community and includes Khyma rice mixed with ghee.

Kolkata / Kolkata biryani: This biryani mostly uses potatoes and eggs. It contains a lighter variety of spices and only sometimes meat. Marinate is made from cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom and other spices, and the rice is flavored with ketaki or rose water and yellow.

Ambur biryani: This leather tanning town in Tamil Nadu makes the most famous type of biryani and the city has more souvenirs than any other city in the world. Lucknowi biryani: This type of biryani is based on a Persian cooking style, so it uses the dum pukht method in which the meat and sauce are only partially cooked and then served in a sealed hand. The spice profile is not dense. Mughlai Biryani: This biryani is cooked with curd, chicken, marzipan, ghee, dried fruit and green peppers and has a rich flavor. Kalyani biryani: Small pieces of buffalo meat enter this form of biryani known as "poor man's Hyderabadi biryani". It is rich and tasty but does not contain more expensive ingredients.

3)Tandoori ( chicken in tandoori)

It is a tandoori chicken marinated with chicken, yoghurt and spices. It is a chicken dish prepared by roasting in a cylindrical clay oven. The dish originated in the Indian subcontinent and is popular in many parts of the world.

4) Chicken With Curry Sauce

Chicken with curry sauce is one of the most preferred dishes today. The recipe for chicken with curry sauce is a flavor that combines the unique taste of curry and chicken. The recipe for chicken with curry sauce prepared with ingredients such as chicken breast, garlic, capia pepper, onion, pepper, curry and cream will be one of the tastes you cannot give up.


Even if you have never heard of it, its appearance may sound familiar to you, because if we call it another version of our rice pudding. In addition to the milk and rice inside, this time plenty of spices are also involved and turns into a healing and flavorful dessert.

6) Carrot Halva

This halva, which you can easily make with only 4-5 ingredients in total, is a candidate to be your new favorite, from semolina halva to flour halva, to make you forget all the halva you have tried so far.

7) Jalebi

For those who like desserts with syrup, we will have a suggestion in Indian cuisine: Jalebi. This delicious taste that will make you forget all the sherbet desserts you have eaten so far with rose water will make you addicted with its aroma.

8) Phav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a very popular street food in India. It is consumed both as a main course and as a snack. A very rich, vegetable, spicy, kind of vegetarian variety. It spread around the world with the chefs of Indian origin. This fine dish from the Maharashtra region is a kind of vegetable curry eaten with an Indian sandwich called "pav". The recipe I will share here is by the Michelin-starred Indian chef Alfred Prasad.