The best Italian delicacies you should try!

Updated: Jan 5

The tastes preferred in Italy, which has one of the richest culinary cultures in the world, differ according to the regions. However, there are also many dishes that are known all over the world and have cost Italy. Pizza and spaghetti are some of them, but of course Italian cuisine, which is very rich, is not limited to these. It also shows similarities with Turkish cuisine in places. The abundance of pastries and meat dishes is striking in Italian cuisine. Some of those flavors are:


Lasagna is one of Italy's most famous dishes. It is a wonderful dish that consists of meat and bechamel sauce combined with a variety of pasta with different supplements.


Italian cuisine contains a lot of dishes made with spaghetti and pasta. Tortellini is one of them. Optionally, it is made with cheese or minced meat. Served with Parmesan cheese and tomato sauce. It is not a very different taste but it is quite tasty.

Osso Buco

Don't be surprised by the strange names of the dishes. Italian cuisine actually contains flavors that we know quite well. Osso Buco is also a familiar flavor with a strange name. It is made by frying veal shanks after being oiled and then covered with flour. The meal, which is supported by ingredients such as onion, garlic, celery and bay leaf, which may vary according to preference, is served with tomato sauce.


Minestrone, which is a vegetable soup with plenty of vitamins and also plenty of ingredients, is also called the big soup because it contains such a variety of ingredients. It is a dish that proves how wide the Italian cuisine culture is. The dish, which has rich ingredients such as pumpkin, spinach, onion, carrot, rice, basil and dried beans, is cooked with chicken broth. The material variety can be increased or decreased as desired.


One of the first flavors that come to mind when it comes to Italian cuisine is pizza. Margarita is a pizza type specially designed for the British queen Margarita. The queen, who tasted pizza during her visit to Naples in 1889, liked the taste very much. With ingredients such as tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves, margarita is made from thin dough.


We have said that Italian cuisine and Turkish cuisine are similar in some points. Almost the twin of the next dish is in our kitchen. A ravioli dish similar to ravioli; It can be made with ingredients such as meat, cheese or pesto sauce.


Carpaccio is, for short, raw beef fillet. There is also a story about this interesting dish made with very thin sliced ​​meat. It is said that in 1550 there was a countess who could only eat raw meat. The Countess came to Harry’s Bar and Cipriani Hotel in Venice. In the hotel, thin sliced ​​raw meat was served with mustard. Thus, Italian cuisine has gained a new flavor.


Calzone is a dish prepared from pizza dough and similar to our pita. It is not far from our taste. Of course, the materials can differ depending on the demand and the material can be flexible. Calzone, one of the typical Italian cuisine delicacies, is flavored with morarella cheese and basil.

Frittatina e Arancini

Frittatina e Arancini, a very nice meal in the style of a small snack, is a dish similar to meatballs. It is made with pasta, ground beef, peas and cream.


One of the best known of Italian cuisine desserts, Sfogliatella is a delicious pastry. It is prepared with butter, sugar, cinnamon, orange peel and ricotta cheese.


Made with ingredients such as biscuits, eggs, mascarpone cheese, coffee and cocoa, tiramisu is a very tasty dessert despite using simple ingredients. In the past, this dessert was believed to have an aphrodisiac effect in Italy. For this reason, tiramisu was highly preferred by all nobles and became a dessert that spread all over the world in time.


While describing the flavors of Italy, it would not be without mentioning its ice cream. Italian ice cream may be one of the flavors you will seek the most after leaving here. You should definitely not leave this country without tasting a wide variety of Italian ice cream.