The pandemic hit them too! Restaurants are closing in New York

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants in New York started to shut down. It is estimated that 100 thousand restaurants are closed while 3 million people working in the sector are unemployed.

Hosting the cuisines of many countries, offering a different taste and flavor on each street new YorkRestaurants in, new type coronavirus(Kovid-19) is closing one by one due to the epidemic. One of the sectors hit by the epidemic was eating and drinking in New York, where restaurants serving the flavors of every continental and country cuisine are lined up side by side. USAAccording to the National Restaurant Association in Turkey, 1 in 6 restaurants either closed completely or had to lower their shutters for a long time. By the end of this year, it is estimated that the number of restaurants closing across the USA will reach 100 thousand. While 3 million people working in this field will be unemployed, the loss of the sector is expected to reach 240 billion dollars by the end of the year. Most of the restaurants in New York, where world-famous restaurants are located, had to close due to the epidemic in the state where they paid rents reaching astronomical figures. In New York, where more than 1000 restaurants have been closed since March,restaurant54 percent of owners say they risk closing in the next 6 months if they don't get federal aid. "A DIFFICULT PROCESS AND WE ARE TRYING TO DO THE BEST" restaurant owners, whom AA correspondent spoke to in New York, are concerned that they will not survive for a very long time in the face of the epidemic and restrictions. Although most of the restaurants serve outdoor in summer, temperatures below zero in winter make it very difficult to service outside. The traditional Spanish restaurant Socarrat, famous for its "Paella" (Spanish rice dish) serving Mediterranean cuisine on 2nd Street in Manhattan, has become one of the restaurants that managed to survive thanks to its loyal customers. "Like many restaurants, we had a hard time, especially after being banned from inside. We see it as a 'storm' and we are fighting the storm. Luckily, our loyal customers are because they are constantly coming and ordering, supporting us." used the expression. Stating that they had no concern before Kovid-19, they were always busy and full, Gallo continued:

"After the first quarantine, people were afraid to come to restaurants at first, but when they started serving outside, they started to come slowly. Then we started to serve inside again, but this is the following. the moment was banned again. If only we had more space outside, we could serve more people. It's a difficult process and we're trying to do our best. " Stating that they are worried about a second full quarantine, Gallo said, "Like everyone else, we are waiting for what will happen and we are trying to weather the storm." said. Stating that they had to lay off a large number of employees, Gallo said that as soon as they return to normal, they will call their employees back. Gallo noted that some of the restaurants he visited frequently were also closed. "WE DISMISSED MANY OF OUR EMPLOYEES" Mexican restaurant Barnachio was also one of the restaurants that survived with the service it provided outside in the summer but faced the risk of closing in the winter. Restaurant Manager Andrew Bruce said, "Not being able to provide services inside is one of the biggest challenges. We were able to serve outside in the summer, but now it's cold and we can't do business as we want, we can only take orders." "I think," Will the restaurant stay open every day and how long will it continue like this? We have fired many of our employees. We will call our employees back when we resume service inside. " he spoke. Myrka Irais Hernandez, a waiter who has been working at the American restaurant Horny Ram for 2 years, said that he was unemployed for a while during this period and returned to his job when the restaurant opened. Hernandez said, "Before, we would be very busy and full. We would be a DJ on Fridays and Saturdays and we were open until 04:00. When Kovid-19 started, they closed it for a while, and when it was reopened, we could only take orders. used the expression. Emphasizing that they have fewer customers now and everyone wants to sit outside by the heaters, Hernandez said:

"Where there is no heater, customers complain about the cold. Things are not going well and we make less money. When serving inside was banned again, the restaurant owner had to fire 2 employees. . I could also be the one who lost his job. I'm worried about not being able to earn enough money to pay my bills, my rent, and continue my life. " "BUILDING OWNERS ASK FOR RENT, DO NOT GIVE MORE CHANCE" Ali Baba, one of the Turkish restaurants in New York, also resists the closure due to the epidemic. Restaurant owner Ali Rıza Doğan said, "Like everyone else, we were very impressed by the pandemic. We closed it for 2 months and then opened it for the first time. We started to recover slowly, we threw tables outside, but the recession started again for the last 1 month. there was a fear. " used the expressions. Stating that they had to give leave to their employees, Doğan underlined that their jobs are running low and they are currently unable to pay the rent. Doğan stated that many restaurants are closed and if they go like this, more restaurants will also be closed, "Not only restaurants but other businesses will also be closed because they cannot pay the rent, the owners want rent, they do not give much chance. Most of the places are closed, they are going to other cities to other places." found the assessment. Pointing out that several Turkish restaurants were closed, Doğan said, "If it goes on like this, it seems that we will close it too. Restaurants cannot last much because it has electricity, gas, insurance, rent, employee money. It is difficult to endure, there are not enough customers." said. "WINTER IS COMING AND NO ONE WANT TO EAT OUTSIDE" Pietro's Italian restaurant, which has been open for 36 years in Manhattan, is still resisting Kovid-19. Bill Bruckman, who took over the restaurant business from his family, said, "We had a very successful business, the city was alive, but now we are stranded by the pandemic." said. “Our clients are very old and this has impressed us a lot because the old people are afraid to go out and are more susceptible to the virus. Winter is coming and nobody is outside.fooddoes not want We used to have 130 to 150 customers for dinner before, but now we cannot do anything. ” Bruckman, who was not satisfied with the measures taken by the city authorities, said:

“ They told us what we should do at first, we followed the rules, we arranged our restaurant accordingly, the distances. We arranged, we did everything we asked to stay open, but now they closed it again. Every week is different ... Having to fire our employees, who are like our family, that hurts the most. Living in New York is expensive and difficult. 500-600 per weekdollarunemployment benefits are not enough for these people and we cannot do anything. In the next 2 months, a lot will change in the middle of winter. Many restaurants will not survive. Nobody wants to eat out in this cold. "