Ugly Cat Bean

Thousands of animals are abandoned on the street every day. Bean is one of them! Here is the story of the cat Bean, who was abandoned because he was ugly...

One of the saddest facts of life is that thousands of innocent creatures are left on the streets every day. Some are taken to the shelter because they are lucky, while others are left to die on the streets. The animals taken into the shelter are waiting to be adopted for months or even years if they are not puppies, cute and beautiful. Of course, as you know, beauty is a relative concept! Today we would like to introduce you to a cute cat, which is described as "ugly" by some! Here is Bean and his story, which was not owned for months because it was “ugly”…

We would like to introduce you to a cute and cute cat: Bean!

Bean's owner, Francisca, describes meeting Bean this way: “I moved into a bigger flat so I could have a cat again. We had a cat when I was living with my family. However, I didn't want to take him to my little apartment as he is a country cat. It would be unfair to him. I lived without a cat for about a year. Then I moved to a bigger flat. I wasn't actually considering adopting a cat right away, but I saw a photo of Bean while browsing the local shelter's website at night.”

Francisca fell in love with Bean as soon as she saw it!

“I saw his photo and fell in love with him instantly. His photos were hilarious and I had never seen such a cat before. I sent the shelter an e-mail with my personal information and tried to provide as much information as possible for them to choose me. I showed Bean's pictures to all my friends.”

Francisca didn't know if the shelter would give her Bean. That's why he was pretty nervous

“The next day a woman from the rescue team called me and asked if I really wanted Bean. It looks like Bean has been on the website for a month but no one has taken care of him. They found Bean in a trailer park and he had a terrible eye infection. He was also not barren. So he never received any medical treatment. They really saved him at the last moment.”

Apparently nobody wanted Bean because they thought he was too "ugly"

“I was very upset when I thought there was no one who wanted to love poor Bean. That's why I made an appointment right away. I was very nervous.”

Francisca cried as soon as she saw Bean and wanted to take her home right away

“What I saw was even more beautiful than I had imagined. The bean was very small and short. He had the cutest face I've ever seen. I started crying as soon as I entered the room.”

Bean adapted very quickly to her new home and now has a loving home!