Vegan Diet

Updated: Jan 5

"What is a vegan diet and how is it done? We researched it for you ..."

Star dieticians in America explain the Vegan diet as a lifestyle. They state that until today, famous women such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Shakira, Pamela Anderson, Natalia Portman, owe their perfect physique to the Vegan diet. It was derived from the word Vegetarian by Elsie shrigley and Donald watson in 1944. Underlining that being a vegan is a lifestyle, a philosophy, experts say that a Vegan does not eat anything of animal origin, stating how ambitious the diet is.

What is a Vegetarian Diet?,

Our vegetarian friends who do not consume meat and meat products may have a problem with excess weight. In such cases, man dies they are unsure about what can replace grilled and similar meat and meat products on their list and may not find their own food in their diet list. In such cases, the information we will pass on to you now is very important.

Vegetarian diets are programs made to regulate the nutritional habits of people who have such nutritional habits. In the diet program where high protein foods and greenery are at the forefront, it is ensured that the proteins that cannot be obtained from meat and meat products are gained.

While vegetarians are fed with fruits, vegetables, many greens, grains, and legumes, Lacto-vegetarians also consume dairy products of animal origin in addition to these foods. There are also semi-vegetarians who consume other types of meat other than red meat. Since there is such a distinction, a vegetarian who will diet may need to know what they can consume and consume as a protein supplement when necessary in the diet list.

Is a Vegetarian Diet Harmful?

The vegetarian diet is actually a very healthy diet, but it can reach harmful dimensions if it is not planned properly. According to many diets, not using animal foods, which reduce the ratio of fat and cholesterol, reduces the risk of vegetarians getting diseases such as heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure compared to many people.

Food Items to Consider in Vegetarian Diet

Protein: When it is not consumed in sufficient amounts, the body cannot meet the amino acids and energy it needs. For this reason, it is very useful in vegetable proteins other than animal foods. It is important to consume foods rich in protein.

Zinc: Zinc, which is especially preferred for those in the growth and development stages, can be obtained from shellfish products.

Calcium: Vegetarian people have more calcium gains thanks to vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, soybeans, which they consume more than normal people.

Iron: Vegetarians with low consumption of red meat and eggs, known as the richest source of iron, may experience a deficiency in this regard. Therefore, they can obtain this deficiency from dried fruits, spinach, and beans.

VegetarianDiet list


* A cup of green tea * Fat-free cheese (1 slice) * Olives (5 pieces) * Eggs (whether boiled) * Salad made of lettuce, cress, purslane * Two slices of brown bread. Refreshment

* Seasonal salad made of tomato, cress and purslane with parsley and lettuce


* Cabbage Soup * 1 bowl of yoghurt * Seasonal Salad


* 3 eatspoon rice * Yoghurt * Seasonal salad with vegetables * Fresh Beans


* Green tea

* If consumed, skimmed milk.

Liquid foods, soups, and vegetables should be consumed in abundance. Better results can be obtained by supporting exercises. Sugary and fatty foods should be avoided. Sugary and fatty foodscalorieThey can have. More than one egg should not be consumed a day.