What Is Currywurst

Currywurst is a widely consumed snack food in Germany, especially in Berlin. Served with a sprinkle of ketchup (or tomato paste) and powdered curry on fried pork sausage, the currywurst is eaten with bread or french fries. It is a type of fast food meal usually consumed with beer.

This food, which is usually sold in hot dogs or buffets in Germany, is not actually found in restaurants. It is a food that is consumed lovingly by the Germans and does not burn pockets in price. It is also possible to make currywurst at home, which is a must-taste for those who go to Germany. Pork lovers especially like this type of fast food, but currywurst is also made from beef. It is similar to bratwurst, which is prepared as a thick sausage and consumed with mustard.

What goes well with currywurst?

Currywurst is also called curry sausage. The trick to this delicious dish is in the sauce, not the sausage. Since it is a type of food that is usually consumed as a snack, those who prefer to eat on their feet can fill their stomachs quickly. It is a food that students consume frequently. It can be consumed by accompanying snack foods such as french fries, onion rings, potato croquettes next to beer. Those who love hot can reach the taste they want by blending this food with hot sauce.

Have you heard of the Currywurst Museum?

Here is a surprising fact about Currywurst: This snack food has a museum. This museum is among the most interesting museums in the world and includes several exhibits honoring currywurst, one of Germany's most famous snack foods. Museum visitors can listen to the sounds of currywurst as it cooks and get information about the history of the food here.

Where to eat Currywurst?

In Germany, Berlin and Bochum stand out as the cities that serve currywurst the best. There is even a very famous currywurst place in Berlin, Kreuzberg. The buffet named Curry 36 gets the '36' in its name from the door number.

The buffet, which is the first place that comes to mind when Currywurst is mentioned, does not have a seating arrangement and the place continues its life with self-service service. Sausages are bought and eaten standing at the kiosks in front of the buffet. It is also possible to choose currywurst with or without skin. The place is open almost 24 hours, from 9 am to 4 am.