What is tofu?

What is tofu that has a very special place in terms of meeting the protein needs of people who adopt a vegan diet? How is it done? Here, detailed information about tofu

Tofu is a word derived from the Japanese characters soy and clot. Soy cheese made from boiled soybeans and cut with acid or salty compounds. Tofu, which is a typical Far Eastern dish made with soy in countries such as Japan, China, and Thailand, is kept in water for a long time or boiled in water, and then the pulp and milk are separated by filtering. Milk is made by cutting it with acidic ingredients such as vinegar and lemon. Tofu is among the foods rich in vegetable protein.

Tofu can be used in many ways.

-You can cut it into cubes and saute it with vegetables - You can cut it finely and fry it in oil. -You can crumble and put it into pastries -You can use it by adding it into soups and salads -You can scramble tofu.

Tofu Scramble Recipe

-1 pack of tofu -1 onion -1 carrot -1 piece of red pepper -2-3 cloves of garlic -Spices (thyme, cumin, turmeric, red pepper)

Start roasting finely chopped onions in oil and add carrots and Add the red pepper and continue frying. Add the grated garlic and spices into this mixture and mix. If it sticks to the pan, add a few drops of water and continue mixing. After roasting, you can add some lemon juice.