What You Need to Know About Crowded Teeth and Clear Plaque Treatment

Oral and dental health is extremely important. There are many ailments that affect the teeth, gums, and even jaw structure. One of them is tooth crowding. Tooth crowding can be the trigger of many problems as well as a bad image. Crowded teeth can cause many problems, from gum problems to tooth decay, as they make it difficult to clean the teeth. On the other hand, crooked teeth can cause problems such as teeth grinding and joint problems, due to the jaw not closing well. So how is crowding of teeth treated? What you need to know about dental crowding and clear plaque treatment.

What developments are there in the field of orthodontic treatment?

Tooth crowding can be treated with many different methods today. For a long time, braces were the only option for treating crooked teeth. However, technological innovations and the development of artificial intelligence applications have allowed orthodontic treatment options to increase, thus allowing faster and aesthetic methods to be offered to patients. Today, a new treatment method that has become widespread; clear plaque treatment. Especially thanks to Invisalign, the first developer of this technology, it is much easier to have healthy and straight teeth.

The progress that has been made with braces for months, with a lot of effort and by going to doctor's checks many times, is recorded in a much shorter time with Invisalign. Moreover, the flow of life is not interrupted during this process and the patient can comfortably continue his daily activities. On the other hand, Thanks to this method, the patient does not avoid or interrupt the treatment due to aesthetic concerns, as in braces treatment. Patients can easily insert and remove the transparent plaques themselves and can eat and drink as they wish. Thus, they do not lack self-confidence about their appearance on special occasions or in their daily lives, and they do not have to change their life flow.

What is clear plaque treatment? What are the advantages?

Transparent aligners are wire-free orthodontic methods applied to straighten teeth with custom-made plastic appliances. The most important reason for choosing Invisalign, which offers wireless orthodontic treatment, is that it is not obvious that orthodontic treatment was received while correcting the crookedness of the teeth. In addition, the braces can cause discomfort to the patient as food can get between them, cause them to be deprived of many foods, and can create an undesirable appearance in the mouth due to being metal in general. There is no food restriction in Invisalign treatment.

Patients can eat the food they want and continue their lives without experiencing social anxiety since the treatment is not understood from the outside. In this treatment method, the patient can remove the plaque himself and put it on for weddings, graduations, In important moments such as business meetings, there is a chance to take a small break from orthodontic treatment. Since it is not produced from a hard material like normal braces, patients can engage in all kinds of sports during the treatment.

Another advantage of Invisalign is that the shape of the teeth can be previewed as a result of the treatment. This method can be done with an intraoral scanner. First, the teeth are scanned digitally, and then the data is stored digitally. Then, with the program called "ClinCheck", animations are created to show the patient how their teeth will look at the end of the treatment. After the treatment result is shown to the patient and approved by the orthodontist, clear aligners are produced specifically for the patient.

In which age ranges can the clear plate be applied?

All people with suitable bone and tooth structures can apply this treatment. Until a few years ago, the transparent plaque treatment method could only be applied to adults. Today, even a 6-year-old child can be treated with this treatment. Therefore, Invisalign treatment can be applied to all patients from 7 to 70 .

How long should transparent aligners be worn?

Transparent aligners need to be used 20-22 hours a day for effective tooth correction. In some special cases, if it is used less during the day, you can compensate for this by using your plates for a longer time the next day.

Is there pain in clear plaque treatment?

In some cases, a slight pain may be felt due to pressure when the plates are first inserted. This pressure is then relieved. In braces treatment, this type of mild pain may occur due to the pressure applied to the teeth. This situation is considered normal in the orthodontic treatment process.

How long does it take for the controls to be made during the clear plate treatment?

Transparent plating treatment is a method that provides freedom to patients in terms of controls. Longer appointments can be scheduled, as there is no need for a physician to tighten the wire, as is the case with wire therapy.

Does the treatment take less time with normal braces or clear aligners?

The duration of treatment with Invisalign is relative. In some cases, faster results can be obtained than wire therapy. Many patients do not care much about the duration of the treatment, as there is no visible wire.

Is there an aesthetically bad appearance during the Transparent Plaque treatment?

The biggest advantage of transparent plaque treatment is that it is not visible from the outside. Even in porcelain brackets, which are the most aesthetic form of wire treatment, it can be obvious that you have been treated. In addition, since it has 20-22 hours of daily use, it is a great advantage for you to be able to remove your plaques before an important event, meeting, or while taking photos.

Are there any restrictions on eating and drinking during the Transparent Plaque treatment?

Transparent plates are removed during meals, so there is no restriction on eating and drinking. However, if you have attachments placed on your teeth, it is good to be careful with extremely hard foods. We can only drink water when the plaques are in our mouths, eating food without removing the plaques can cause our plaques to deform and change color.

How to care for Transparent Plates?

After each tooth brushing, you can clean our plaques under warm water using a toothbrush and liquid soap. You can also use the special cleaning tablets in the Invisalign starter kit when you begin treatment. When your plates are changed every 5-7 days, they will always be new and clean, as they will be replaced with a new one even if their appearance is old, patients do not need to worry about this.

What should be considered by those who receive orthodontic treatment during the pandemic period?

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 period has deeply affected our entire lives and still continues to do so. It has placed different concepts in our shopping, eating and drinking, education, and business lives. This also affected orthodontic treatments. Especially our patients coming from outside the city or the country have delayed their appointments. However, the fact that the wires were not visible due to the use of masks increased the interest in the treatment a little.

In this period, our patients who receive braces will brush their teeth better, and there will be no need for additional procedures to reduce possible caries. In addition, being more careful with hard foods will reduce the need for emergency appointments due to bracket breakage and wire penetration. Our patients undergoing Invisalign treatment should wash their hands thoroughly before removing or reinserting their aligners, and if it is not possible to wash them, they should definitely clean their hands with hand disinfectants.

The importance of keeping the clear record and metal brackets hygienic

The importance we will show to our oral and dental care during the epidemic will protect us better against the virus that can be transmitted through the mouth. In addition, it is very important for the health of us and our relatives that we always keep our records in a special storage container and clean them regularly.

Why is oral health care especially important in this period? What needs to be done?

Some studies have revealed that people with Covid-19 have aphthous-erythema-like sores on their tongue, cheeks, gums, or palate. Therefore, it would be good for our patients with Covid-19 to give more importance to oral care during this period and to keep oral care products such as toothbrushes and dental floss in a different place from other family members in order to prevent contamination. When the quarantine period is over, the Invisalign plate should be carefully thrown away and a new plate should be used. Again, the toothbrush and other oral hygiene products used during the Covid-19 disease period should be replaced with new ones.

Is there a disruption in clear plate treatments? Can patients continue their treatment without interruption?

Invisalign treatment has become a little more advantageous during the pandemic period; Wire treatments are generally applied on the teeth in a way that gives active strength for a maximum of two months, but Invisalign plaques give strength again with each new plaque change, so even if the patient cannot go to the control, the treatment is not interrupted. Of course, troublesome situations such as broken wires or sinking of wires due to long appointment intervals during the pandemic period were not in question for our Invisalign patients.

Everything started to become virtual during the pandemic period, has there been such development in orthodontics?

Virtual patient follow-up was actually a method we used before the pandemic, especially in the follow-up of our patients abroad. We were able to give preliminary information about the duration and cost of the treatment method by making a preliminary evaluation in the virtual environment to our patients who requested it before the examination. Of course, this process was a little easier for the patients we treated with Invisalign plates. With Invisalign software, since the position of the teeth is clear in the session where the patient is present, improvement or possible disruptions can be seen clearly and the treatment can proceed without any problems. I think this feature has increased the demand for Invisalign treatment after the pandemic.