Will Trump be tried? What Is Insurrection Act?

Will Donald Trump, perhaps the most controversial political figure of the 21st century, be on trial? How can Trump be dismissed? Can he make a special pardon for himself? Will the Insurrection Act be applied? What is the Insurrection Act?

The events that took place after US President Donald Trump called on the far-right groups to march to Congress. Five people died in the events that broke out while hundreds of pro-Republican party supporters occupied the US Congress. At the end of the incident, which is known as the 'January 6 events' in history, eyes turned to US President Donald Trump. Trump announced that he will hand over the post on January 20 after the uprising, and many people in his country say he should be prosecuted for inciting the people to revolt.

Professor Emre Erdogan from Istanbul Bilgi University reminded me that "it is not easy to find a Republican senator behind Trump after this incident," reminding me that the senate and the assembly of representatives are now under the control of Democrats and said that Trump's job is now very difficult.

On the other hand, retired Washington Ambassador Faruk Loğoğlu said that it was not a surprise for him to be tried Trump even before he took office, and described what happened as "dark days in terms of US history".


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kasım Han also thinks that there are not many people left to support Trump, especially his own party. Professor Han said, “A strong family like the Bush Family is against Trump. Trump didn't think things could go as far as the Congressional occupation. Now, his calls can be perceived as a coup attempt, ”he says.

Stating that Trump used far-right groups in order to remain president, but he did not reach his goal at the end of the work, Han said, "In Trump's Anatolian term, it is not from the bulgur in the house when going to rice, it is probably from all the supplies in the house.

Trump has blood on his hand. Let's be clear about what happened yesterday. The President of the USA sent a crowd of supporters to the Congress building to attack the members of Congress with a lie like a stolen election.

Marc A. Thiessen / Washington Post


Professor İlhan Uzgel, known for his work in the field of International Relations, says he expects Trump to undergo an investigation for being the instigator of the events, but he does not expect to be imprisoned.

Uzgel said, “What you do is a crime. He puts pressure on Vice President Pence. It remains silent for a long time after the mass presses Congress. " found the assessment. Uzgel believes that the President's call to the demonstrators to 'go home' after the events reach an uncontrollable point is due to major legal trouble that may happen later. Uzgel said, “He was probably warned, 'Look, this will have consequences, it will bind you'. He may well be prosecuted for angering the masses of obstructing the work of parliament and the functioning of the law, and for causing the deaths of four people, but I am waiting for an investigation. I do not expect such a prison. "America is not putting its own presidents in jail."

the new system can kick Trump if he wants to jail. “Although Trump tried to calm the public, blood shed. If they have Trump in mind, they will definitely make a design. Trump can be tried, he can also be found guilty on the grounds that he invited the public to attempt. It can also be punished. However, even if this does not happen, Trump's political career is now over.

The uprising of the rebels who wanted to stop the counting of votes by Biden elected in Congress on Wednesday was terrible. Trump stirred up the crowd, and with this move, his presidency was stained and disqualified from the future presidential nomination race.

Gary Abernathy / Washington Post


According to the news in the New York Times, Trump plans to issue a 'special amnesty' against the risk of prosecution of himself and those close to him.

According to the newspaper's report, no President has ever signed such a decision for himself. There are questions about whether a possible Trump pardon will be legally binding or whether the courts will recognize it.

The New York Times reported that Trump's possible step will also pose a danger to future presidents and the functioning of the justice system. However, even if Trump takes such a step, it is thought that the amnesty decision will cover federal crimes and cannot prevent accusations and trials at the state level.


Trump, who will hand over the task to Biden on January 20, announced amnesty decisions for many names one after another. Trump applied 'Presidential special amnesty' to 94 people in total during his 4-year term in office. Trump's daughter Ivanka, son Donald Trump Jr. and that he is considering pardoning for his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.


The 25th supplementary article of the American Constitution specifies the process for dismissal if a president or vice president is unable to fulfill his duties. It stipulates that the vice president and his majority in the cabinet can take action to dismiss the president if he "fails to fulfill the duties, powers, and powers of his office" and that the vice president can assume these powers immediately.

For this, the vice president and the cabinet majority must first present a written statement about the failure of the president to fulfill his mandate, to the second most senior member of the Senate, after the vice president, and to the president of the House of Representatives.

The Congress decided that the president is incapacitated must be taken by a two-thirds majority of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

If the two-thirds majority is not achieved, the president assumes the power, duties, and powers of his office according to the law.

Insurrection Act is "The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law that empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection, and rebellion."